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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better


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I for one am glad that so many liberals are going even more extreme with their horse [ #2020 ]. Just keep digging that grave deeper and deeper guys.

But of course there's a reason why they'd rather yell and scream about the fall of democracy every time democracy results in something they don't like instead of talking about all of their own policies. Because all of their own policies have been an utter scheissing disaster. So every minute spent talking about the death of democracy is one less minute spent trying to defend their multitude of defenseless decisions and dogma. It's really tough to continually defend the need for pronoun training in the Navy or Drag Queen story time in schools, much less inflation or food shortages. So just keep telling everyone that America will die as soon as an (R) takes your place in DC and at least you'll get 30% of the country to keep cheering you on.


realize most here were following the supreme courts ruling today and the reactions by various parties but i am truly disappointed that there has not been one mention of those freedom loving, ukraine supporting aluminum mill workers who will happily accept being laid off for 9-months to support the efforts to stop putin in europe

granted, 650+ families are now worried about paying the mortgage, rent, food etc..but thank goodness those sanctions have brought putin to his knees.

all part of the needed sacrifice to curtail inflation, just as larry summers told us a few days ago



A plastic surgeon in San Francisco is either about to get paid really well or sued very hard.