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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better


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The problem with your argument is “dirtbags” (ie support of trying reasonable gun laws) constitute a majority of Americans. Instead we are ruled by minority. Conflating my mainstream center-left views with conspiracy nut jobs because you are a Republican is the problem. Governance by the minority is the problem. And refusal to admit what we are doing isn’t working and try — just try! — something else is the problem.

You don’t have to paint two things you dislike as opposite extremes. It’s disingenuous, wrong, and exacerbating the problem you pretend to be above.
I have no doubt you actually believe these things.

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TBT, the COVID lockdowns and government actions therein have effectively ended the gun control debate for a generation, with the answer being more gun proliferation.


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That take is forced. The guy who was president for 8 years and everyone knows has advocated both for stricter gun laws and police reform can walk (grieve this tragedy) and chew gum (honor the movement that emerged in support of police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s murder) at the same time. Pretending he tried to downplay the seriousness and tragedy of the former in favor of the latter is very clearly twisting the reality.
Forced? No it’s actually in his tweet. You’ve become the bizarro LVH today.