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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better


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He got a nice W for the Taliban- over $300mm of our tax dollars headed their way.
No biggie. Joe will just print some more.


Paul in uhh

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What the hell is he talking about now?

so did biden get a win in anything this week?

if mlk day passes with no voting rights law getting passed, not building projects, the 6th passed and most of the country is more worried about paying their bills and yet the investigation continues, and now more and more of the country have just moved on from covid what has gone right for this administration in their first year or so?
No mean tweets!!


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SIAP- Good article by Jonah Goldberg about Biden's voting rights speech and a good follow up:

Jonah Goldberg is a neocon Israel first hack who cares about one issue and one issue only - continuing the never ending wars in the middle east.

Oh and he voted for Biden so he can spare me the handwringing.