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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Mean Purple

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She knows the answer but what she doesn’t want to do is answer the question of how this will help given its 2.5-3 days of supply (which she knows it won’t, just a political move).

Shocking how incompetent and intellectually dishonest Biden’s administration has been in regards to energy. Total loony tunes
I don't think she does know the answer. That whole administration has no clue how anything works. The fuel/oil prices should be the easiest to deal with. supply and demand curves are what they are. there is no idealogical approach there. And they are realizing they don't know. And we are all paying for it.


The Man Behind The Curtain


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The Man Behind The Curtain
One of my distillery clients is trying their best not to source materials from China but it's hard, especially given the sheer amount of manufacturing that flooded into China in the 90's. I'm just glad I don't comment anymore on Facebook or Twitter. I don't have time to worry about something I posted being used against my clients.
Thanks for the link.
Of course. Oversupply in general is going to be great for those that trade in the markets. (Not me.) Remember when you could not get PPE (masks, hand sanitizer etc.) but now it is being handed out like candy and/or expiring? Same thing will happen with the disposable paper, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, electronics, etc. etc. (basically the crap one buys at Walmart/Walgreens).

Going to be an interesting yr for long/short positions. Good chance there will be a massive influx in consumer goods without anywhere to go. (Factories pumping out product at record pace with no destination.) (Outside of ag. That will take awhile to catch up...still expect prices to go up for the fooooods thus a great time to become a vegetarian!)


F these people and their fear of losing Chinese backing.

i once was called out on this site for saying dimon was a soul less piece of crap and i am fairly certain that if he walks past a mirror he has no reflection