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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better


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This is not directed at you...

Although I believe Durham will probably uncover a lot of nasty things and name names, I have no confidence that anything will be done to those people.

This is a cautionary tale of "tell a lie so big, no one will believe it." The whole dossier, Russia Collusion affair is so complicated that about 95% of Americans don't even understand it. It's easy to confuse people with half or partial-truth rebuttals. So half of them will believe the findings, and the other half will dismiss them as soon as the DNC propaganda machine refutes them either through obfuscation, or by painting Durham as a Trump lackey. Given that Biden and the DNC is in control of the media and big tech, we all know which side they'll support.
If Durham’s case ever gets too much traction, he’ll need to avoid parks and general aviation.