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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better


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Heaven knows port of houston can also handle a large load

You know who else can?


I'm sorry

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I (my parents) had a garden growing up and once I turned 10 I had to tend to it... I hated the constant attention to it (I was a kid, I hated chores) and read online that watermelons pretty much kill everything around them. So, when we went to the local Piggly Wiggly to get our week's worth of groceries, I slipped (stole) a few packets of watermelon seeds and scattered them amongst the garden. Two or three mths later, everything started dying, including the grass around the garden. Four mths later, watermelons: Everywhere.

I do not take pride in this horrific story as I would love to have a garden myself having grown older...seems relaxing...but somehow the garden gods will find a way to get back at me if I tried and I fear their revenge.
I think this qualifies as domestic terrorism nowadays.


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I'm guessing that they're missing a couple components of cost as well. Bought a new car in May and regardless of an increase in the list price, there's no discount like there would normally be. Maybe they're calculating what people are actually paying, but I wonder...

Also I see in restaurants some new fees and "service charges" etc. that are new. Not sure that they're calculating those types of surcharges.
It's almost like I just mentioned this.


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