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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by HFrog1999, Jan 11, 2021.

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  2. they aren't making the gold cup final in vegas
  3. frogtwang told me there was no border crisis and the border was closed.
  4. Never said there wasn’t a crisis at the border…
    Both borders are closed to non essential travel. That is a FACT. Your claims that the southern border is wide open while the northern border is closed is not correct.
  5. All those Canucks pouring across the border are overwhelming the Border Patrol. NOT. In reality, the southern border is wide open.
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  6. We are sending these people all around the country. Pretty impressive for aborder so closed, they can hardly get in.
  7. All will stay on track as long as we keep the Cubans out. They've seen how this movie ends.
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  8. How convenient.
  9. Churches make a boatload of money in terms of immigration and refugee resettlement. It's a very profitable, lucrative business.

    If you hear your pastor ever get up and start talking about how the church is partnered with refugee/immigrant charities... run far away. I've left churches myself over that before. It has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with $$$$$$$$$
  10. The next 2 in line are Kamala and Pelosi. Biden is just fine where he is until 2024.
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  11. Not going to argue that point, but impeachment would at least allow us to find out who the actual President is...

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