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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by HFrog1999, Jan 11, 2021.

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  2. Some are about to become more equal than others
  3. Wonder if we are about to see the real-life version of the affirmative action bake sale.

    FHA loan interest rates for whites: 9%
    East Asian: 7.5%
    Latino/india: 5%
    Islander/native american: 3.5%
    Black: 2%
    BONUS: subtract 1% if you identify as a woman
    BONUS BONUS: Subtract 2% per letter that applies... LGBTQPB
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    And they call the Trumpsters a “cult”

    man that is some branch Davidian level, Manson-esque delusion right there...
  5. If Obama couldnt do it why do people think Biden will be good for race relations?

    When will people wake up and realize democrats need division in order for their policies to move forward? The last thing democrats want is healing and unity.
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    Barf. It’s like they forgot about the black guy that was President for 8 years.


    “The inauguration of the first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president-elect following the aforementioned assault will do two things at once -- mark a hopeful turning point in the long fight for racial representation and justice, and underscore in sobering fashion that confronting White supremacy will be one of the new administration's main challenges.”

    Oh, and then there’s this gem, where they are already planting seeds:

    “Joe Biden's vice president will most likely be the most powerful vice president in history because the trend is toward more powerful vice presidents.”

    When did this trend start? Today? You’d have to go back to Cheney to have a “powerful” VP.
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  8. Maybe they should have just let them walk a few blocks over and watch it from the National Mall.

  9. Balderdash. Democrats welcome healing and unity, provided all think and act exactly as they are instructed to think and act.
  10. They'll ignore that Cheney was universally despised by the left for his power.
  11. The ascension of the 'dolt and courtesan' has now concluded.
  12. I told my wife this morning that I wonder if Obama is sitting at home thinking "did they forget about me?"

    Definitely understand the playing it up that she is the first female - although even that is really ignoring the women who paved her way and underplaying the fact that she didn't brake a glass ceiling - she road the Presidential ticket into the White House just like all VPs.
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  13. yep - Unity as in get in line behind me....
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  15. The average Democrat on the street may be for unity to some degree but the average Democrat politician (and really ANY politician for that matter) gives exactly zero scheisss about unity. You want me to immediately know you're full of [ #2020 ].... use the word unity.

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