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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by HFrog1999, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. I’m so glad I can use Photoshop.
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  2. I'll happily agree to disagree. I'm not making any diagnosis; I'm saying that I'm concerned about what appears to be cognitive decline in our President.

    Some of the things he's said (very specifically his forgetting the name of the SecDef, who he appointed to one of the highest posts in our government in December after working with him in the Obama administration, and forgetting the name of the Pentagon), make me concerned. The phrase "the guy who runs that outfit over there" was very concerning to me as someone who watched a relative go through the phases of dementia. I heard almost an exact paraphrase of that - that outfit over there.

    Might just be age based malapropisms but I think we should bookmark this post and come back to it in six months. The nature of dementia is that people have plateaus and then abrupt declines.

    Considering that 14% of people over 70 have dementia (https://news.umich.edu/one-in-7-americans-over-age-70-has-dementia/) it's not some wild ass theory, and again I've personally witnessed it. He may be just fine, but I don't think it's unfair to question it, especially given the fact that his staff seems to want to protect him from unscripted moments.

    Agree to disagree but let's check back in six months.
  3. You're just gonna drop this while "wait six months" is RIGHT there?
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  4. Honey, I Shrunk the Carters

  5. Never trust a person who casts no shadow.
  6. Joe’s hand is between two pillows
  7. Fwiw, this photo, indoors with a 96 year old former president and his 93 year old wife, was taken the same week Biden wore a mask on a Zoom call.
  8. He probably lost it again.
  9. The "fair share" stuff is like nails on a chalkboard to me. The top 1% pays about 37-39% of all federal income taxes, which makes up about half of all federal taxes collected. And when half the country already pays very little to nothing in federal income taxes, ANY tax cut is going to benefit people that are paying taxes in the first place.

    https://taxfoundation.org/summary-o...e top 1 percent paid,50 percent (4.0 percent).
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    You know my mind didn't even make the connection that they weren't wearing masks; I'll count that as a good thing. But, since it was pointed out...

  11. It’s actually pretty amazing Carter is alive is amazing after his melanoma diagnosis. He got Keytruda which is a checkpoint inhibitor (immunotherapy). Basically the drug blocks the cancer cells ability to mask itself from the immune system, allowing the immune system to kill the cancer cells. One of the bigger medical breakthroughs in the last decade or so.
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  12. "Those aren't pillows!"
  13. So not masking saves lives!!

  14. Round numbers here, but if you make 40K you pay about 4,800 in federal taxes. If you make 400K, you pay about 128K. So the guy who makes 10X the amount of 40K has to pay 26X more in taxes. And this is under the current plan.

    What is "fair" about that?

    If I make 10X more than someone, I should only pay around 10X-15X more in taxes. Not 26X more. Yes, people who make 400K have a lot more room for reductions to reduce their actual tax burden. This is still a wacked system. This doesn't even take into account local and state taxes.
  15. If you make $40,000 you pay at most $3,162 in Federal income taxes, and that assumes a single person with zero additional credits. The standard deduction is $12,000, so the first $12,000 someone makes is federal tax free.
  16. Here's what shows how stupid the tax system is. Out of law school, I started with another 1st year attorney, making the same salary. She paid far more in taxes, because she was a single, renter, with no kids, whereas I was a married homeowner with 2 kids.


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