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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by HFrog1999, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Huh? Didn’t I say he has age related malapropisms we all get as we age. The assertion I disagree with is that has dementia. I see no evidence of that.
  2. If you continue to indicate this president isn't unique in is very apparent cognitive struggles, then I will have a hard time reading each of your posts as anything other than disingenuous.
  3. Anyone who self identifies as "I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder" should not be given a security clearance.
  4. You have a very interesting view of how to define cognitive changes. I'm not sure what "age related malapropisms" means. It sounds like a euphemism for dementia.

    When Biden said, the guy in charge of "that outfit over there" while talking about the Secretary of Defense and forgetting his name, was that an age related malapropism, or a sign of some cognitive decline?

  5. In all fairness, Joe has always been an idiot, so it’s hard to quantify how much of his buffoonery is related to age.
  6. Agree with this. And while lies have been a central part of his career, it has to be considered that the incoherent state he is exhibiting more and more has just set in over the past couple of years.
  7. If Biden slips further and starts referring to the DoD as "The War Department" he can otherwise carry on running the country into the old crapper tank, and I'll be cool with it.
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  8. Similarly, when he dropped the "Your ain't black," line or called a black interviewer a junkie, we he being really racist or just a little racist?
  9. There is a big gap between age related cognitive decline and dementia, of course:

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    Sure, and from your link, normal aging includes:

    • Memory and Thinking (Cognition): Normal aging may mean slower processing speeds and more difficulty with multitasking, but routine memory, skills, and knowledge are stable and may even improve with age. It’s normal to occasionally forget recent events such as where the keys were last placed or the name of the person you just met.
    Not normal aging includes:

    Dementia is a term for a collection of symptoms of cognitive decline including disruptions in language, memory, attention, recognition, problem solving, and decision-making that interferes with daily activities. Although 5.8 million people in the U.S. have dementia, it is not normal aging of the brain.

    Other signs of dementia include:

    • Not being able to complete tasks independently
    • Difficulty with naming items or close family members
    • Forgetting the function of items
    • Repeating questions
    • Taking much longer to complete customary tasks
    • Misplacing items frequently
    • Being unable to retrace steps and getting lost

    Joe seems closer to the latter than the former, although I'm sure you'll explain that away.

    I obviously haven't observed Joe closely, but he seems to frequently misplace his mask and while the SecDef isn't a family member, he's very important. Joe forgot his name AND the name of the Pentagon, calling it, "that outfit over there".

    As far as I can recall, he didn't have lapses like that when he was VP. He seems to frequently have issues that to me, as someone who had a family member experience dementia and observed him and other patients closely for a couple years, are warning signs. On top of that, his handlers seem to be trying to protect him, as though he can't function independently. And he keeps saying that he'll get in trouble if he keeps talking to the press.

    Or maybe it's just age-based malapropisms.

    But I'm uncomfortable with the current condition of our President.
  11. Mostly non-racist
  12. Great news, everyone (except for Sweat Equity)!

    Hope that wasn't just an age-based malapropism.
  13. Yeah I’m not buying your argument. The bar for saying someone has dementia is appropriately high and stumbling over words or forgetting someone’s name isn’t even close to meeting it. Every person over 50 would have dementia (including me!) if that were the case, lol.

    I’m old enough to remember when the D-word was applied unfairly to Trump by the left. I think we should try to avoid making diagnoses of dementia in our older statesmen/women, as I think we all know that political biases are usually the driving force in such an analysis.
  14. I don't even know where to put this one, but hahahaha

  15. I'm told these aren't mental lapses, so I should take Biden at his word right? No taxes for us in the coming years... going to go full Wesley Snipes on the IRS.

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  16. I have a bigger problem with the fact that the Prince seems to be into Necrophilia.

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