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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Bob Sugar

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forget that, what happened to the claim lebron has been using ped's
Yes, it is an imperfect world and I'm positive that if DeSantis won the nomination there would be far more Trump followers staying home than those of us who are fed up with being forced to support unprincipled idiots because of the letter next to their name.
DeSantis has 3 things Trump does not have: 1. Harvard Law Degree. 2. Bronze Star. 3. He was the executive, before the Texas governor, to be the 1st to say “screw it, we are just going to move forward and act like COVID is not going to kill most of us”.

An-Cap Frog

As a graphic designer I have to say that is one ugly flag.

8. Tennessee
Loses points for the unnecessary strip of blue, gains them back for the three stars relaxing in a hot tub.