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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by HFrog1999, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Hopefully by doing virtually nothing, just like most every single President. Small change here, small change there. The biggest impact they could have is with another round of strict lockdowns.

    I think if they try to do any Green New Deal, massive student debt forgiveness or other super progressive legislation then there will be huge backlash.
  2. i thought the first few acts were already determined on getting this right with the covid response?
  3. I completely expect the following in the next 109 days:
    • New Green Deal
    • Student Loan Forgiveness (albeit they'll start small under the guise of helping poor students and students of color)
    • Push to revamp the ACA (Obamacare) and using COVID as their reasoning to provide a more "robust" healthcare service to all Americans
    • Additional lockdowns and regulations in the name of public health and "welfare"
    • A new Paris Accord
    • Dissolving some of the agreements Trump has made with various Middle East countries in an effort to better "control" Iran's nuclear ambitions.
    • More war in Syria... and more "war/military intervention" in general
    • Removal of some, not all, of Trump's tariffs. Specifically, I expect the Chinese tariffs to be removed while some of the ones applied to Canadian goods, like lumber, to remain in place.
    • New round of regulations on business, especially those of us that operate on the internet in concert with policies written by the big tech companies (to hinder competition) who already have representatives working on Biden's transition team.
    Those will be the highlights.

  4. What's so special about 109 days?

    If bullets 1, 2, 4, 7 take place (NGD, Student loan, lockdowns, war), they will guarantee a bad 2022 elections.
  5. 9 days until inauguration + first 100 days. Sorry, I was being overly specific.
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  6. https://dailycaller.com/2021/01/10/biden-big-tech-apple-facebook-trump-parler/

    Biden Has Ties To 5 Major Tech Companies

    • Joe Biden has hired at least 14 current or former executives from five major tech firms to serve in his administration or advise his transition team.
    • The firms — Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook — have all clamped down this week on President Trump and Parler, a social media site popular with conservatives.
    • Conservatives have long expressed concern over Biden and Democrats’ close ties to the major tech companies.
    • Apple’s top lobbyist is a longtime Biden adviser. Former executives from Twitter and Facebook are also joining the Biden White House.

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  7. Added my thoughts in response to yours, in red. A few other things I think happen fast:

    - Infrastructure bill as both stimulus and outreach to republicans. Though I suspect it goes the way of most bipartisan outreach in the Obama days—nowhere, save for a few pieces crammed through a budget bill in reconciliation processes

    - Minimum wage hike. Dems will open at $15 and GOP at like $10 over 3 years. Settle around $11.50 over 5-6 years. The left will flip out.

    - I would also expect significant rollback of Trump era regulations across the board: EPA, Education, and Labor, specifically. Two examples:

    The recent independent contractor classification final rule out of DOL will he rapidly challenged in court and they will start the rule making process under the APA.

    Education will quickly announce new rule making for Title IX at colleges and universities. I suspect they may first launch a process just for rescission and follow that with a second process for new rule making.

    - I think DC statehood, but not PR will be much discussed but never go anywhere.
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  8. Yep^^^^ Basically a whole lot of nothing. $10K student debt is probably the biggest item you noted.
  9. Completely forgot about Title IX (and I'm in higher ed). Good catch.
  10. They will just print up a bunch of mail ballots in 2022 to overcome that.
  11. I would argue the following are likely to be the biggest consequences of the Biden presidency in terms of history headlines (as regulations don’t really get remembered as ascribed to presidents):

    - Return to a watered-down Obama era regulatory structure for labor, education, and most notably climate/energy policy
    - Big spending in 2021 through Covid stimulus (question being whether they can get infrastructure rolled into this)
    - Medicaid buy-in / Obamacare “public option”
    - Increased minimum wage
    - Replace Justice Breyer with California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger
  12. Interesting all you guys left out the tax increase that will happen during 2021 and will be retroactive from 1/1/21

    and there is no way he doesn’t stop new drilling on federal land, sunset existing leases and redirect some major portion of Oil/gas subsidies to more “green” energy that can’t support it self economically

    I mean the richest man in the world got that way on green subsidies- why stop now
  13. I can't wait to see the looks on peoples faces when their taxes go up even though Pedo Joe said that he wouldn't raise taxes on incomes under 400k

    As soon as they repeal the Trump tax cuts everyone's taxes will go up no matter what income. The media lied saying Trumps tax cuts only went to the rich
  14. scheissing hypocrites....
  15. Whenever I see the word Unity, I think of Dave Chappelle's Rick James skits and the Unity ring.

  16. Not sure how much the needle will move in a 50/50 senate. Up to Manchin and other moderates.

    All filed under “return to a slightly watered down version of the Obama-era regulatory scheme.”
  17. Sadly, there is no political incentive for unity (in reality there is political DISincentive) from the Cori Bushes and Jim Jordans out there.

    I’ll be surprised if Pelosi allows the expulsion resolutions reach the floor.
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