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The Greatest Horned Frog Fan ever has Leaped on

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ShreveFrog, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. My Dad, Leap Frog, passed away overnight. His first TCU game was age 5, 1935 -- Sammy Baugh and the Frogs vs. SMU in what was "The Game of the Century." As a boy, dad would gather up scrap metal on game days to pay for his ticket, and maybe stop for lunch on his walk to TCU. He'd later have to hitchhike from Dallas. Dad rooted for the Frogs in all sports the rest of his life. He had more knowledge about TCU sports than anyone except maybe just maybe Dan Jenkins his own self. Dad could not come to any more games beginning in 2017. Just watched from his recliner, and of course, chimed in here on the forum. He stuck with the Frogs all through the bad old days when we boys were growing up. But he also made us loyal to the Frogs. Thank you for that, Dad, and everything else. (Including not taking that scholarship to pitch at SMU.)

    True story here. We got almost 15 bonus years with Dad after a ruptured aneurysm in late '05. Remember, Coach P was up for another job following that great season. When the anesthesia wore off from a life-saving emergency surgery, some of Dad's first words were, "Do we still have Patterson?"

    My Dad, Leap Frog, was the best!
  2. I believe I had seen some Leap Frog posts over the years, good posts if I recall. Sorry to hear and glad you are celebrating his life. If you ever feel like posting some of his first hand accounts of "The game of the Century" or other great TCU football moments experienced, I and I bet others would be interested in the legends or yore.

    Go Frogs
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  3. RIP Leap Frog. May your Horned Frog spirit live on through your loved ones!
  4. Sorry for your loss Shreve. Your dad was a KF member when I joined up in 1998 so although we never met, I still developed a liking for your dad through is posts. I'll miss reading them. Prayers for your dad and his family .
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  5. Leap was awesome. Sorry for you and your family's loss Shreve.
  6. Didn't know Leap was your dad, sorry for your loss @ShreveFrog. Great Frog fan, and he saw A TON of Frog history.
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  7. So sorry for the loss of such a truly great Horned Frog. Be at peace, Shreve (and family), he is now watching from a better place.
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  8. My sincere condolences to all and I hope you, Top, and nwla know you had a great family member.
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    Vaya con dios. I am happy to have met Leap Frog. Prayers to Top and Shreve.
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  10. May the Lord bless Leap and bring comfort to his family during this arduous time. RIP
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  11. Sorry for your loss Shreve, Leap will surely be missed.
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  12. Shreve, Top, I am saddened by this. I talked with Top yesterday so knew it was coming. I will always cherish the small amount of time I got to spend with Leap. Such a nice man and great TCU fan. Also a good story teller, and I could listen to his TCU stories for hours. This forum also lost a great poster and its best historian. I loved reading his posts and getting his thoughts. RIP, Leap. They should build a statue of you and place it outside of Amon Carter Stadium.
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  13. He sounds like a fantastic person - I wish I knew him! I’m so sorry for your loss.
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  14. What a great Horned Frog Fan. We will all miss his posts on kf.c. Sorry for your loss Shreve!
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  15. Rest In Peace, Leap. Thoughts and prayers with you all.
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  16. T's & P's Shreve. Sorry for your loss.
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  17. Rest easy, Leap. One of my all time favorite on the site. Miss him already. Thanks for posting Shreve.
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  18. Wow - what an awesome tribute to your Dad. He would be proud and must have been a hell of a man and father. Godspeed Leap Frog.
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  19. Very sorry for your loss. Congrats on a long life well-lived.
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  20. It's a big loss whenever we lose a Frog, but when we lose a top-notch one like Leap it's a very sad day.
    Condolences to TF, SF, family and his other Kfc friends.
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