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The football is dying and more people were killed reading this madness than in mass shootings thread

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Started a new injury thread proceed through this one at your own risk

    CB Julius Lewis-out until SMU game (hopefully)
    WR Mikel Barkley-Probable
    WR Taye Barber-Probable
    QB Matthew Baldwin- out indefinitely
    DB Noah Daniels-out for season
    PK Cole Bunce-out indefinitely
    LB Dee Winters-Probable
    LB La'Kendrick Van Zandt-Probable
    LB Ben Wilson-Out indefinitely

    LB Markus Bailey-out for season (big loss for their D as he is the defensive captain and leading tackler)
    QB Elijah Sindelar-Probable (Concussion Protocol)
    OL Matt McCann-likely out (ankle injury)
    RB Richie Worship-Out (Knee Surgery Recovery)
    RB: Tario Fuller-Out (Broken Jaw)
    DT: Lorenzo Neal-Out (ACL Recovery)
    WR: Jared Sparks-likely out
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  2. Crap literally just posted the Bailey injury.
  3. You missed one -

    BoilermakerD out with a bruised vagina
  4. He's taking a couple of days off for reflection.
  5. I think their QB is questionable at best. Concussions, slight or not, tend to take a while to heal.
  6. Agree. And stranger things have happened under GP so it won’t shock me if Lewis plays.
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  7. What is wrong with Ben Wilson?
  8. Hand/wrist?
  9. Genius
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  10. I heard it was an abrasion. From the sand.
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  11. Two best defensive players out now, maybe for year. Not sure if Lorenzo Neal will be back at some point, it says out indefinitely, but that hurts. Not unlike us last year.
  12. Injuries...

    TCU = Tear Cramp University

    For the love of all that pure and good, will the football gods just grant us one year injury free?!?!?
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  13. Yeah, I thought I saw him get some decent minutes against arpb. Or was I drinking....I mean dreaming?
  14. Concussions suck. We never got B.J.Catalon back after the concussion he got at the end the west virginia game in 2014. We lost him for what, 5 or 6 games.
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  15. Forever. Basically ended his career. The fact that he didn’t fumble that ball is still unbelievable to me.
  16. Definitely was not him
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  17. i am worried about our depth at kicker
  18. Thought I heard it was a foot injury but I could be misremembering.
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  19. I still can't believe he was able to make it to the sideline on his own before he collapsed.
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  20. Saved the season. Love seeing him post videos and his writings. Seems in a good place and always has TCU shirts on it seems
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