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The Digital Purge

This facebook whistleblower is 100% staged and scripted just like Christine Blasey Ford and the Impeachment "Whistleblowers" were.

Funny enough, all 3 are represented by the same lawyer pro bono (Michael Bromwich)

What a coincidence.
This is nothing but a money-grab for the Facebook whistleblower. She's looking to profit bigly, and those attorneys are a new wave of ambulance chasers.



This story won't get any play from the mainstream media which is propped up in part by digital platforms owned by Google and Facebook (especially since their TV ratings have cratered), but this is a HUGE story (twitter thread is a long one but important one to read):

Yeah, I don’t like that in my current job I sell Google and Facebook ads. I hope to find something different early next year.


Can you make the Solo Stove ad go away from all my feeds? Getting a little ridiculous.

You’ve just bought yourself 2 more weeks by mentioning it

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Wikipedia Considering Removing Entries on Mass Killings under Communism Due to 'Bias'​

Article faced accusations of pushing a biased 'anti-Communist' viewpoint​