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The Digital Purge

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Since we have several posts relating to this topic across multiple topics I think keeping it in one place would be best.

    So, which companies or individuals have you seen purged from social media and business services since the riot in the capitol? Here is a starter list of what I've seen so far (not meant to be an exhaustive or retroactive list):
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    The 2021 PGA Championship was pulled from one of Trump’s courses and the British Open announced they will never go to Trump’s Turnberry course as long as he owns it.

    Several years ago, the PGA TOUR moved one of their tournaments from his Doral course due to political implications.
  3. https://www.theepochtimes.com/idaho...book-to-customers-who-request-it_3653453.html

    Let me start by saying I don't subscribe to Epoch Times and so I haven't read the details nor do I really trust them as an accurate source - they are extreme like an MSNBC just on the other side of the spectrum.

    But it was more the overall idea - now that it is ok for private companies to stop your access to other companies websites or content they don't agree with - is this the next inevitable step?

    Your internet provider to your private home blocking you from being able to access sites or content they don't agree with? really the precedent has been set this week that it would be perfectly ok.

    But realize, much of our bandwidth infrastructure was government supported from a funding perspective and many areas don't have more than one hard wired option because when their communities were initially connected - the service provider installed the lines at their cost in exchange for a lack of competition.
  4. if you incite violence you will be banned, pretty simple uncontroversial stuff. Nothing new.
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  5. Who incited violence? Antifa and BLM? They still have Twitter accounts. Parler? In what way? They have pretty strict guidelines to post, including no violence or threatening messages. AR15.com? How? Guns scary? Ron Paul????
  6. Dont forget mass murderer Maduro as well as the Ayotollah still have twitter accounts.

    And Mexican drug cartels are allowed to operate and organize on the platform.

    If Trump really did incite violence we'd have the news networks playing his words saying such things over and over on an endless loop for the past week. They aren't. I wonder why that is? If he really incited violence surely they would have audio or video evidence of Trump saying these things?
  7. Talk about not understanding your audience. I don't think people who are fans of the PGA are dyed in the wool leftists who cheer this on.
  8. Ron Paul?
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  9. It wasn't just people who "allegedly" incited violence. Many were people who had posts/messages about election fraud.
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  10. I'm actually shocked at how much support it's getting from within the golf community. Of course, I have to weigh in that at this moment, I suspect a lot of people are fearful about speaking in favor keeping Trump's courses in the rotation. Which is, of course, de facto suppression of speech. There's nothing like intimidating your enemies in order to silence them.

    As they are wont to do, the left has seized upon this as an opportunity to highlight all of the barriers to inclusion and history of racism in golf to justify their cancellations. Never let a good crisis go to waste, as Hillary famously said.
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  11. That’s rich
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  12. Twitter

    Trump and his allies are banned from these platforms - The Washington Post
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  14. Are those same people outraged that the European Tour is playing, and has been playing, tournaments in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and China (among other Arab countries)?
  15. No. Homophobia, killing of LGBTQIAA2+ communities, Xenophobia, Concentration Camps, and disappearing people are a-ok! But if the Xi tells his people to fight for their country and peacefully protest and cheer on the politicians he supports then you’ll see an end of all support for China overnight.
  16. Tell that to Kamala.
  17. No because women’s rights were so last year....
  18. Mailchimp and Constant Contact suspend Trump campaign account.

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