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The Day the Football died

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by InstaFrog, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. I have zero Midwest roots. I’m actually from Houston. My Cajun wife never lived north of I 10 and wanted to experience 4 seasons, so you know who won that argument (but why Indiana!?! {soon to be PC Indigenouspeopleana]).
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  2. I’ve had plenty of relations because of Shiner.
  3. So I win
  4. Me too and all have funny names Pustjovsky, Bohuslav, Hollub (HFer EJ was a cousin). My grandparents ended every word with ing in it as ink, ‘ babushka goingk to store now’ and was always said like an order with double exclamation marks.

    Shiner, Weimer, Halletsville, Schulenburg, et al
  5. Political hysteria or the epicenter of a global pandemic?
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  6. Gladly cede that distinction to you.

    Love the weather, miss pretty women on every corner that actually know what make-up is, decent BBQ and good Messkin food...but people around here a pretty nice, but seem to lack the manners you see in Texas. Don’t know about your area, but people here think stop signs are a suggestion and right turn on red after stopping means slowing just enough to keep 4 wheels on the ground. Love Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer in that order. Summer here is like April/May in Houston without humidity. Was 58 here the other in the morning, won’t see that in Houston until late October.

    Did live in Deerfield north of Chitown for 6 mos once.
  7. Honestly I was just a little kid when I lived in Illinois so can’t vouch for it too much. Grew up on Illini basketball but very glad I’m in FW now due to points you raised
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  8. You know what they say about women in Shiner...the odds are good, but the goods are odd.
  9. They were just trying to help out while there was a toilet paper shortage.
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  10. You ever tried to flush a corn husk?
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  11. outhouses flush?
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  12. Nebraska outhouses?!
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. hahaha, was just about to post that clip.
  15. Summer before senior year my best buddy had a full size kegerator that we made out of an old fridge that always had a keg of shiner in it. I worked at Pappasitos that summer, drank shiner at my buddy’s place, and went to pub every night for a few more pitchers of Shiner and attempt to have find some relations. Think we put on like 30 lbs between the two of that summer. Memories!
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Or in Obama's case, back to Kenya.
    With women this time?
  18. Easy solution, just take the B1G, PAC, and MW schools that want to play and cobble up a temporary conference. Surely there are 11 or so teams for a 10 game conference only schedule. Winner gets a spot in the four team CFP. Simple, really.
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  19. They can call it the AntiBody Conference.
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