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The Day After....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BedfordFrog68, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. At least we're not on the coast....
  2. Its a nice warm 36° in NYC right now.
  3. Cold as a mother-in-law's heart in El Paso...15 degrees going on 11, nasty gusting wind, snow on the ground... On a night like this I think about the years I lived in Central America where the climate was mild and either rainy or dry, depending on the season. But then comes an email from a friend telling us the two volcanoes we could see from the house in Guatemala are acting out again. Reckon this whole world has gone plumb crazy.
  4. Just wait, it’s coming your way...
  5. Its already here. I'm in Richardson. I was just saying that it was warmer on the coast than it was in Texas. When have you ever heard that before?
  6. Currently 18° w 19mph winds here in SW Houston. I still have power but have talked to multiple people without it, including my sister who lives about a mile away. I assume our turn without power is coming soon.

    Just tried to make a snowman with our daughter but gave up to put on more layers. Cold as hell out there.
  7. It's 7 degrees at my house here in the hill country and there's 3-5 inches of snow on the ground. It's not ideal.
  8. 8 degrees in Austin, sunny but colder than a witches [ teat ].

    5-6” snow on top of the ice, not a good combo and won’t be above 32 until Friday. Propane running low will be the issue if trucks can’t refill the tanks
  9. Screenshot_20210215-090007_Gallery.jpg
    7° here with a -11 wind chill. Thats how much snow we got in Richardson last night.
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  10. 41 degrees here in Phoenix. Had to close the windows a bit to sleep comfortably last night. Only going to be 66 today, but I think we'll get through it. Thanks for asking .

    Stay safe out there.
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  11. It’s colder in Texas than it is in Anchorage Alaska
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  12. I'm a block from campus. The students are all in their places smoking pot.....
  13. 6 here in Fort Worth. Wind chill -18
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    14 here at Rancho Brewingfrog. Poor cows...

    Addendum: When we moved here permanently, I had a whole-home generator installed. We had one back at The Barn, and it came in very, very handy more than a few times. Now, with the uncertainty in the grid, it has proven a useful tool indeed. Three times during the night, there were outages of an hour or more. Each time, our trusty generator sprang into action and kept things moving.

    While we have a propane furnace in the house, the igniters and pumps all work off electricity. Thus, power is still necessary for heat.

    The Generator gets a big smooch from Mrs. Brewingfrog. As soon as it warms up enough, that is...
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  15. Did Brock & Co make a last minute delivery....?
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  16. Without power for over five hours in The Woodlands. Down to 58 inside now
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  17. Without power for 5 hours here too in Sw FW

    Super cold inside this 1959 house with original windows but I don’t have a thermometer
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  18. Lots of relatives in the Houston area without power, including my sister in The Woodlands. My mother is in Spring, has power, and luckily my father installed a generator before he passed because of all the summer power outages. I thought the NJ power companies were bad, but the ones in Texas are far far worse.
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  19. It was 1 degree in Mineral Wells a couple of hours ago under a few inches of snow.
  20. At my age I can relate.
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