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The Baylor - McLennan County Rape Cover-up Collusion Is Still Going Strong

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Don't worry! The Attorney General of Texas will get right to the bottom of... What? He's a Rape U. grad?

    Never mind...
  2. If I’m the victim’s father or brother, I might have to consider my options.
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  3. Consequences? He was fined $400. There are people that get harsher fines for having booze under 21. Ridiculous.

    Want to know what "privilege" looks like? That guy.
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    This is where we pray for a meteor strike in that area of the Brazos.

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  5. Two important points come to mind:

    1. Judicial system is darned.
    2. Baylor is obvi setting up the return of Briles to Waco.
  6. That whole damn county is a corrupt hell hole. I can’t believe any decent parent would send their kid down there now.
  7. >35m, Nickel-Iron, 15.3km/sec, 90 degree impact angle. Complete destruction of the target area with little collateral damage...
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  8. This also describes my wedge play.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Golf balls explode when you hit them?
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  11. Don't you mean Brazos?
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  12. Shhh....He's on a roll.
  13. You assume I hit the golf balls.
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  14. Article says perp was expelled from Baylor. Anybody know where he ended up?
  15. Yes. Corrected. Thanks. Terrible mistake. Though Dallas is also on the Trinity and sucks just as bad, albeit in different ways.
  16. Wasnt Me.jpg
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  17. The appalling manner utilized by Baylor University, the Waco Police-Judicial systems in dealing with

    student criminal activity, sexual assaults and other forms of deviant behavior is justification for a State

    inquiry. A clustered system of justice gone awry.
  18. according to the the religious right she was probably asking for it by having a vagina.
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