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Thank You Coach Schloss!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Certainly there are some TCU who will never be satisfied no matter how much you do for them, but Steel would like to publicly express thanks to you Sir for the class and humanity you brought to the job that you did for TCU every day for 18 years. Never mind that you also brought an unprecedented level of success to TCU baseball, bringing it to prominence as a national power year in and year out.

    But the things that will resonate are the way you so openly shared your program, athletes, yourself and your family with all of us. The memories are too numerous to list. One recent one was that you were the only TCU coach to attend Wes's funeral (along with Chancellor Boschini). Suffice to say thank you for the good times and best wishes for your future success, professionally and personally.
  2. Bleed purple or bleed out.
  3. It has been a wonderful ride! Thanks for some great memories.
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  4. herpa derpa derp derp
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  5. I am in on this thread. Not the ending I would have liked and not the team I would have liked him to go to. But damn did he build something and damn were there some awesome memories. Being at the Super Regional in Austin for the dogpile. Driving from FW to Omaha to the old Rosenblatt in it's final year. Watching us beat Aggie over and over. Watching the Matt Curry slam. It was a hell of a ride and I feel bad for anyone who doesn't recognize that.
  6. Wake me when Schloss sends a thank you tweet our way.
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  7. I have enjoyed having him as our coach. That being said, a person's true character is exhibited in how he leaves an organization. Sneaking out the backdoor before the dust has settled on the final loss last weekend reeks of a Franchionne move. I wish him all of the success that Franchionne enjoyed during his tenure in College Station.
  8. Would love to see OU beating them 77-0 in the third at some point.
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  9. Is there a copy his resignation statement being distributed? You know, the one where he thanks all of the TCU fans who supported him through the years. The one where he apologizes for lying about his interest a couple weeks ago. Leaving without thanking TCU fans really shows his true character.
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  10. Sad to see him go - our greatest baseball coach ever.
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  11. This appears to be his official statement, which I find pathetic.

  12. The worst part of this whole deal will be the Mac Engle article coming tomorrow saying how much better the A&M job is.
    Even though we have removed them from post season....twice.
  13. Add one. And if that’s the worst part then this is FREAKING AWESOME
  15. Actually, we've eliminated them from the post season 4 times; 2012, 15, 16 and 17
  16. Awesome. Now I wish him all the best.
  17. I wish him many many losses. All losses.
  18. Well, it's hard to write a going away letter to your former (school, office, firm, team, etc) without sounding like a fake. A good many of us on this board have probably done that, accept an offer from another (school, office, firm, team, etc) and had to sound like we were so sorry to leave, when in actuality we were jumping with joy. If you liked us so much, if we were such a terrific (school, office, firm, team, etc), then why did you leave?
  19. Running out after the last loss was not good taste. Letting this coaching search by A&M affect our team the last month was not good taste. Thanks for what you did at TCU prior to that, but if you don't win a game at A&M I would be very pleased.
  20. Sometimes…it’s just time.

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