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Texas wants to host the RNC in August. This is a good thing for attendance

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. North Carolina has said it might not host the Republican National Convention in Charlotte in August because it can't guarantee no COVID restrictions. Texas and several other states are offering to host it. If Texas does, that should mean no stadium restrictions in September. The fact Texas even offers to host it signals no restrictions by September.

    Trump slams North Carolina and says he's moving GOP convention elsewhere
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  2. My guess is a few schools will say screw it and allow full stadiums and other schools will be forced to follow suit to keep up. At least that's what I hope.
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    But that’s great news and I agree it would signal no restriction for outdoor events.
  4. I think the pathetic fiction of the "lockdowns" died a deservedly squalid death over the weekend. Any attempt to revive the strictures will be seen as the tyrannical nonsense it truly is.
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  5. I agree. Allowing these protests without even a peep is gonna make it real hard to continue the farce of a lockdown in most all of these places.
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    unless, those in power merely wanted to make it easier for the virus to spread among the masses taking out the enlightened and educated among us leaving only the sheep left to do the bidding of our banking overlords...
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  7. Just wait until the articles stop popping about how disproportionate new COVID cases are.........
  8. That could start in about 2 to 3 weeks, right?
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  9. Depends on when the riots die down. Will be news when (if) they need it to be. Could be sooner.
  10. Then there is the reality that the shutdowns may not have actually had the effect they desired. Even the CDClowns are starting to hint that the numbers may just be what the numbers are.
    How they did not just focus on hot spots, instead of closing down entire states, is beyond me.
  11. It's funny how North Carolina's governor says they can't host the RNC, but have no problem hosting one of THREE public George Floyd funerals in a few days.
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  12. Because the media and government officials have a reputation for acting and speaking with consistency and integrity?
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  13. Ben Crump naturally exudes a Sphere of Immunity wherever he goes.
  14. Hoping Antifa members all get COVID and die.
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  15. I wouldn't want the convention here. Talk about protesters.
  16. the obvious solution is hold it in waco.
  17. How would anyone even notice if they rioted?
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  18. the pappadeaux's wouldn't be open......oh wait
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    Well, that's (D)ifferent.
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  20. Did all of Missouri die after the Lake of the Ozarks partying?

    Honestly, I haven't seen numbers. What has happened there?

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