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Texans Wire: TCU receiver Jalen Reagor hardly saw accurate passes in 2019

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. Word is Tech is gonna open up their competition this year. Wish we would as well. I love Duggan and think he will win out anyway but open it, let’s see what we have with the others.
  2. Agree..Outside of Barber, Wells, Wallow and Moehrig, there isn’t anyone on the team who should be a given as a starter. There’s more to being a QB than flashing potential and showing poise. Fortunately for Max, he’s going to get every opportunity to to take that next step. I hope he seizes it.
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  3. This was why I said in fall practice. I knew there couldn't be any competition during the spring practices because Duggan was the only healthy QB at this time.
  4. If Duggan is the only healthy QB in the spring (and presumably for at least a little while after that), I don’t see how there could realistically be a true competition based on fall drills. Who’s gonna perform this LSU-like summer work if not Duggan?
  5. i believe stephon brown will be on campus first part of he summer when he graduates from juco, but that means he only gets the summer throwing with the receivers on "their own" and then fall camp to make his case for time
  6. Every QB on the roster is going to starting way behind Max. Something went way wrong if Max gets beat out.
  7. I’d love for Brown to give Duggan a run for his money
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  8. It would make him better for sure.
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  9. Are you inferring it is not open? If so why do you think so? Its called competition.
  10. The offense should improve with J. Kill improving the scheme and cohesiveness for the offense especially in the wide receiver Corps. We shall see.
  11. Huh?
  12. Hard for Max to throw accurate passes when he was running for his life all the time.
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  13. Racist IMO to say white QBs don't have rhythm.
  14. As a QB, Max has proven to be a skilled runner when the situation merits. However, his ability to

    orchestrate a level of proficiency in the passing phase of the game remains a work in progress.

    Improvement in judgement of velocity, accuracy and distance appear to be some areas of need.
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  15. It is hard to be open when there is no one to compete with.
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  16. this, baldwin is hurt and the two other scholarship quarterbacks don't get on campus until summer
  17. This is very true. I was hoping maybe the other QB's would be on campus early summer, but I guess that won't happen except for maybe Brown. You're right, it does take some time to develop a cohesiveness between the QB's & WR's. Still hoping though.
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  18. If they would have let Max run the ball before game 6 we would have made a bowl. Instead they continued to force him to play to his passing game weaknesses and handoff
  19. It is my understanding that Baldwin is practicing. Maybe he's just not 100 percent yet with the back, but I think he participated on Friday and Saturday. I hope so and I hope he's 100 percent soon. Competition is a good thing.
  20. so can any of you who were staring out the window at half of the basketball game confirm whether or not balwin was practicing before sharp ran you off
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