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Tequila and Craft Beers

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Horny4TCU, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. My Top 5 Tequilas:
    1. Don Julio 1942
    2. Don Julio Reposado
    3. Toro De Lidia Blanco or Reposado
    4. Camarena Blanco or Reposado
    5. 1800 Blanco (For Margaritas...)

    My Top 5 Craft Beers:
    1. Rahr Adios Pantalones (Been on a kick of this lately)
    2. Rahr Summertime Wheat (Hefeweizens are the best in summer)
    3. Space Dust by Elysium
    4. Jai Pale Ale by Cigar City
    5. Citra Slice by Community

    What are yours?
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    I'm not big into Tequila, but my wife is. She also really likes Don Julio and I agree the 1800 is perfect for Margaritas. I make her a "Horned Frog" Margarita when she's in the mood to relax out on the back patio with me while I enjoy a cigar. I'll post the recipe in another thread snd link to it here when it's up (https://forum.killerfrogs.com/index.php?threads/drink-recipe-horned-frog-margarita.224499/)

    Favorite Craft beers depends on the time of year. I tend to go through a pretty regular IPA, Stout, Lager, Blonde, Bock/Belgium cycle year round. But, in no particular order:

    • Rahr Blonde
    • Martin House Daybreak
    • Real Ale Fireman's 4
    • Revolver Blood and Honey (draft only)
    • Karbach Love Street
    • Manhattan Project Hoppenheimer IPA
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  3. 1.) Herradura Anejo for sipping,
    2.) Hornitos Reposado for mixing.
    3.) Don Julio is also in the booze locker for sipping.
    Also lurking in the recesses of the booze locker, 4.) Espolon, and 5.) Astral.

    Special Mention goes to a curious "bottle" of Sangre de Vida, which resides in a black stoneware skull and is utilized for shots administered on particularly sticky 3rd downs. To help the team along... Yeah!

    Beers are tough, as they come and go in these happy days of Craft Brewing Heaven. But, as a list is called for...

    1.) Shiner 'Weiss N' Easy' dewberry wheat. Tasty and light, without cloying sweetness usually found in a "fruit" beer. Good Summer beer!
    2.) Galveston Island Brewing 'Tiki Wheat' hefe-weizen. About the closest neighbor to the category-defining Paulaner Hefe, yet great all by itself.
    3.) Brazos Valley Brewing 'Millions Of Peaches' a delicious wheat/peach beer. Again, not a cloyingly sweet beer, but one that balances and makes you want another sip. (Sadly, the Plague prevented the production this year of 'Wasted Days' strawberry wheat. They make a tasty blackberry wheat called 'Bramble On' as well.)
    4.) Saint Arnold 'Headliner'. Yum.
    5.) Eureka Heights 'Neon Moon' Belgian. Yum! (Casey is a good and proud Frog, so get by and buy his beer, dangit!)
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  4. I have yet to try this one, what is it like?
  5. It's light, kind of a pilsner/lager with a hint of lemon/lime. It's really well done and great on a summer day, particularly after yard work. Only 4.5% ABV, if I'm not mistaken, so you can drink a few real quick and not be in a bad situation like some of the stronger crafts out there.
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  6. Sounds perfect, will definitely pick up a few cans today.
  7. Blasphemy time, this is pretty much the only beer I drink.
  8. one of the original "craft" beers

    as long as it isn't michelob ultra or have organic on its label.
  9. Real Ale Devil’s Backbone
    Wild Acre Texas Blonde
    Hop Fusion Feisty Blonde
    St. Arnold Fancy Lawnmower
    Karbach Love Street
    Karbach Crawford Bock
    Karbach Southern Wheat
    Martin House Daybreak

    Also Live Oak Hefe, but you can’t find it up here.
  10. Yellowbellies!
  11. Forgot to add one, and in all honesty this goes to the top of the list for me... Monk's Ale by Abbey Brewing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I used to be able to get it here in Texas, but they stopped distribution a while back.

    HOWEVER!!! You can buy it from them directly! Best decision I have ever made, was to order a case and bring it home.

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  12. All good choices. Throw in a couple porters I like:

    Red Gap Brewing - Big Dam Porter. Cisco, TX also home of Conrad Hilton’s first hotel.

    Deschute’s Black Butte Porter, Bend, OR.
  13. Not sure if they count as craft as I'm not a craft person nor a beer person but I had a buddies pickle beer and salty woman out of some place in fw? Thought both were good but liked the pickle beer better. For 2-3 max.
  14. You should look up Brazos Valley Brewing. Their claim to fame is Porters and Stouts, and they brew a slew of them. I included their wheatish offerings only because that's what's in the beer locker at present. But, as they seasons turn chillier...
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    Thanks. I will drink porters year round and often scratch my head when bartenders say it’s out of season. When I ask why, they typically don’t know but I’m guessing the basis for this is they believe people want light and watery in hot weather but not sure.
    Edit: Also like Fuller’s London Porter. The Brit that owns and operates Ye olde Bull & Bush keeps this on tap. Would be pulling in there almost daily on a long bike ride if they were open.
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  16. 1. Peticola’s Velvet Hammer (best damn beer made bar none)
    2. Wild Acre T Hawk (Super T Hawk was better but they took it off the market)
    3. Wild Acre Billy Jenkins Bock
    4. Martin House Imperial Texan
    5. Hopfusion Feisty Blonde (my wife's favorite)
  17. Both from Martin House,
    Salty Lady and Best Maid Sour Pickle Beer
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  18. This post is underrated. Coors Original is always a good choice.
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  19. Martin House has been releasing some interesting options lately. Who is willing to try this?

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  20. Drove by Eureka Heights the other day and picked up some of their "brewery only" beers: Oxford Comma, and Como se Dice. Both are excellent, and are Mrs. Brewingfrog approved.

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