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Teach me how to Duggan

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Fun watch

    Kid has amazing potential.
  2. Was just coming here to post this.

    I get so fired up thinking about how good this guy has the ability to become. Football season can't be cancelled.

    Watching those highlights brought this gif to mind:
  3. I forgot the acceleration he has.

    Go Frogs!
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  4. Take aways are the OL stunk, he will be good, and does Reagor catch those balls Barber caught against Texas/Tech? Glad this was made since all we’ve heard from Reagor camp is how bad Max was.
  5. I love Reagor, but I seem to remember quite a few drops.
  6. Almost every clip is a scramble or RPO. Look forward to the day when most are threading the needle and picking teams apart.
  7. Run against KState was so filthy. Obliterated that dude with the stiff arm.
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  8. [ What the heck? ] was the ref doing in the Tech game? It's like he was waiting in the middle of the field to tackle Reagor.
  9. Dude is going to be a star, all the ability in the world. You forget how fast he is and what a physical runner he can be.
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  10. The throw at 3:33 is absurd.
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  11. While most freshmen QBs were learning while watching...
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  12. Raegor made a lot of excuses for his own performance.

    His pre-combine comments of running the fastest time was comical. He ran what, 4.47, not even near top 10 for this year's combine results.
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  13. Going to be an absolute stud.
  14. If Duggan can demonstrate sustained improvement in the proficiency and reliability required of

    a good passer, coupled with his current skill as a superb runner......we would at long last have a

    genuinely competitive package at QB. :cool:
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  15. He wasn’t great last year, but he was oh so close so many times. A bit of experience and things will click for him. If he cleans up a couple dozen of his mistakes from last year, we would have been talking a different story right now.
    It may be true that he didn’t do his receivers any favors last year with some of the ball placements, but it was a two way street. There were many he put right where they needed to be that were dropped. Occasionally, an All American WR would go ahead and deflect a perfect pass right into the hands of the defensive back.
    Hopefully, the whole unit does better than they did last year.
    By the time he’s a junior, he’s going to be really good. Hopefully he stays healthier than our last #15 QB.
  16. Kid has attitude. Strength. Confidence. Poise. All excessively positive attributes. I believe he has the strong potential to go really far.

    Alas, he is but one (albeit large) piece of the puzzle. Many of those runs came after protection simply disintegrated, and he had to flee for his life. Many of those beautiful passes left his fingertips just as an opposing DE crushed him like a bug. The highlights also obviously don't show all the beautiful passes that hit "receivers" directly in the hands and fell harmlessly to the turf.

    This team has a lot of improving to do around Max. I think he is a good example for teammates to follow, as his work ethic and success provide inspiration.

    It is a pity that we have lost Spring to the stupid Plague. I believe a lot could have been accomplished in those few weeks, but alas...
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  17. I know he ran faster than anyone else on the field when it really matters. I have no doubt he is at least a 4.3 forty guy and I am sure he would have proven it at his pro day. Regardless, he still might be a first-round pick and he was invited to participate in the draft coverage meaning a lot of people who actually might know more than you or I would also agree.
  18. Regardless, his comments about Duggan and the team, were really off putting. He dropped a bunch and the coaches must have been seeing something, because he was so under utilized. If it was because of Cumbie, that's a different story, but we can only comment on what we see on the field. As far as his speed, he was fast in games, no denying that. However, when he was tested, his 40 was not a 4.3. I'll believe it when I see it.
  19. I guess I didn't know what he said about the team or Duggan. I thought he was underutilized and I think most people who watched him as a Junior where he carried the team would agree. The coaches were pitiful on the offensive side of the ball, don't know anyone who would disagree. Don't know what he said about them but if it was negative it was true.

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