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TCU's 'queer history': TCU course taught students to create their own drag personas

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, May 7, 2021.

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    The Queer Art of Drag

    A new course taught students how to create their own drag personas.

    By Katherine Lester
    TCU 360

    The room is a rainbow as the lights change every few seconds from red to green to purple.

    The audience chatters and giggles in anticipation of the show. Rainbow flags and masks spill out of goodie bags, a decidedly queer statement at a private Christian institution.

    Students and their professor walk around in intense makeup, their faces adorned with glittery blue eyeshadow and dramatic shading. There's a pair of stilettos here, a pink wig there.

    Read more at https://www.tcu360.com/2021/05/stud...f-drag-personas-as-part-of-unique-new-course/
  2. Why?
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  3. Because math is hard and probably racist. History has bad stuff in it and probably racist. English is most definitely racist. Business oppresses the masses and mostly racist.
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  4. *clutches pearls*
  5. Sad.
    Oh well.....just one more reason why I won't make donations to TCU anymore.
    Let's just change the name to Texas Woke University.
  6. $60k to learn something you could have gotten for a couple of $12 manhattans in any drag bar in the country
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    Twenty years from now, this will be looked at like dressing in blackface. The people who did this will be cancelled for having misappropriated the lifestyle of another when they were younger. The woke eventually come to cancel everyone.
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  8. all of you conservative boomers love that a central tenet of the US is freedom. but then when someone else expresses their freedom you suddenly have an issue with it.

    i guarantee that all of you went to school with a Carl that wanted to be a Carla. he wasn’t free to make that choice but today’s students are. this freedom shouldn’t be ridiculed - it’s what you love about the country.
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  9. That is the exploration of the underbelly, certainly not “higher education.”
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  10. Don’t see anyone ridiculing a person for doing it - the question is why is it part of a TCU curriculum?

    Do we have classes on lifestyle for other choices?
    Or how to be a good parent?
    Or coping with loss of a family member?

    Lots of things need to be supported - that doesn’t mean a college classroom is the place for all of them
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  11. I don’t have a problem with the class...it’s just performance art. Have a friend who performs as Bella Gigante in Santa Fe. Seen his show and it’s pretty funny. But I find it odd that you conflate drag with transgenderism. Thought you were woker than that.
  12. That was what I immediately thought. They must not be as woke as they thought they were.
  13. The most famous drag queen in Vegas in the 70s had a wife, 2 exes and 5 kids - he was a famous womanizer and once told Wayne Newton the “outfit” was better than a puppy for picking up girls
  14. Is the class required from all students? No? So why care?

    If someone wants to waste valuable college time and money on classes (of any kind) that don’t help them toward a career then let them. It’s their money to spend.
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  15. I have no problem admitting that I dressed in drag once in college for a “pimps and hoes” party thrown by the UNT chapter of my fraternity. The girls loved it. And yes, they were really girls. At least one for sure.

  16. Ignorant people who don't know better hear "Texas Christian University" and assume bigotry. I like this because it fights that.
  17. Moose Stuff IS my drag persona.
  18. So you’re good with time and money being wasted? I’m sure all the enrollees paid for this out of cash on hand. That said, there’s legions of waste in the curriculum. This is just one example.
  19. see, i thought it was your arsehole persona
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