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  1. These liberals are number 2? scheiss Me
  2. Frogs score one - top of the first, one out, man on first base.
  3. I hear WOO Birds!
  4. Two zip, Frogs.
  5. 3-0!
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  6. Can none of these West Coast schools produce an accessible livestream that doesn't constantly stall out? No wonder California is falling apart.
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  7. Only thing stranger than starting a DH with a BA of .150 is starting one at .000 and bunting with two outs.
  8. Must be the camera angles that makes it look like we are getting jobbed by first base umps.
  9. End of the top of the first - questionable call (?) at first base. Crappy Umps, again? Three runs across for the Frogs, Bruins coming up.

    Stream pooped out...
  10. Who’s this Gray Roberts for us at 2B?
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  11. Love those 0-2 count base hits.
  12. Oral's shady nephew?
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  13. Chuck struggling to get the third strike again
  14. Weird connection between PC and TV I'll fix it.

    UCLA with two on, one out.
  15. Two outs, first and third...no runs this inning yet.
  16. Also Chuck struggling with PBP, accuracy, and articulation.
  17. Strike out! 3-0 after one.
  18. I do like the UCLA announcer. He's not bad.
  19. As slow as that ball is going on TV TCU should he crushing the ball.

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