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TCU vs Texas Tech Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. We have talent.

    Today was about effort. We just played like tech usually does and made them make bad decisions.

    Dixon can coach. Yall gotta chill.
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  2. Ought to draw a criminal charge tbh
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  3. It’s basketball too. Tech got popped a couple years ago.
  4. Probably none of us did. We went almost 6 minutes late in the game when we went into our patented stall game without scoring. Lucky we won. It's Bane, if he's on we can win, if not, trouble.
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  5. Great win...Gritty...
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  6. Well that was fun. I just love it when their obnoxious fans slink away quietly.
  7. Don't think so....
  8. TCU basketball took another step forward with the win. We have Arkansas coming up but the bigger game is the next one with UT coming to town. It is a big one in part b/c the next four after that are a murderer's row of:

    @#1 Baylor
    @Ok State
    #3 Kansas
    @#18 Texas Tech
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  9. Kansas may not have any players left.
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  10. Lucky we won? The hell game did you watch? Or did you not watch the game?
  11. It wasn’t anywhere close to 6 minutes FWIW.
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  12. I had my doubts about this team going into January since we had only played 3 teams from power conferences and lost to all 3. But you have to give the kids and the coaches a ton of credit for this 4-2 start. And our next conference game is extremely winnable so 5-2 seems highly likely. Who knows where this season will end up but I don't understand anyone who still has negative things to say after tonight.
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  13. He's getting better. There's no doubt about it. His defense tonight was the best it's been. He got up underneath Clarke like he meant it.

    I'm going to say this again. These three freshmen are going to be very good. We just have to be patient.
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  15. Patience is not a very plentiful trait among sports fans
  16. Country-

    I understand that. But, if this fan base will be patient, they will like what the end results are.
  17. So, were TT fans louder as ESPN claims?


    Texas Tech: The Red Raiders never really were able to recover after TCU's opening spurt in the second half despite an always loud and large group of fans encouraging them with chants of "Raider Power" that at times were louder than the home fans. They were 0-for-7 on 3-pointers after halftime.”
  18. upload_2020-1-21_21-46-30.jpeg

    The three stars tonight
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  19. Yes yes yes yes this right here.
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  20. They were loud in the first half but very quiet in the second half other than for a couple of minutes.

    Frog fans are going to have to quit selling their tickets to opposing fans and show up and support their Frogs in person.

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