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TCU vs Tech game 3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by crankuptheenolagay, May 18, 2019.

  1. JJ in bottom of the 5th. Love this guy wish him the best!
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  2. So strange. Earlier he threw the ball to exactly nobody as well.
  3. Watching JJ is tough. Just a shell of what he used to be. Feel bad for the kid.
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  4. I do think that is the first time this year that the catcher fielded a throw from Josh....
  5. .300 Tech batter with 2 HR TV announcer homers make him sound like Albert Pujolts.
  6. Saw him in action up close on Tuesday. Give him credit for battling but the command and movement and velo just never got back. And, this should have been anticipated.
  7. This is painful, but I can't stop watching. Its like a car wreck.
  8. Was that pick or scratch in the TCU dugout?
  9. Can’t speak for the dugout but it was an E on the field
  10. Thoracic outlet is a career killer for many pitchers.
  11. Almost all of them. The list of those who recover their prior form is very small.

    Will be interesting to see if Bradford regains and sustains form
  12. Down by only 3 but feels like it’s hopeless
  13. Three more errors tonight. It has been exasperating to watch this team in the field this year.
  14. But the refs should be calling balls and strikes from my chair!
  15. Why hasn’t Eissler been pulled?
  16. lack of options?
  17. CJS pulled his last reliever that walked a lead off batter and now Eissler stays with two straight walks.
  18. There shouldn’t be refs at all. It’s baseball.
  19. TV announcer Tech homers now saying we lost the UT series?!?!? They were complementing Rizer and one said he was there for the game he made ESPN top 10. Must not have stayed for the rubber game Sunday!

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