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TCU vs SMEW Prediction Thread


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24 TCU

Tie Breaker: TCU Total Yards

I don't know why, but I got a bad feeling about this one. I think our secondary gets torched a couple times resulting in touch downs.



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In before all the SMU circle jerkers come in who want us to fire GP and hire Sonny Dykes

I see the OP is already one. A team that had a hard time getting things going against North Texas and needed a called back TD and hail mary to beat Louisiana Tech doesn't matter - many on this board are convinced that SMU is the better program because muh offense and muh passing yards and muh points.


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Also, if I recall correctly. When I used to bet on the frogs winning in the prediction thread, we usually lost. Being a little superstitious, more than an anti GP or high on offense guys.

I'd really like to see 49 TCU and 21 SMEW... but I don't wanna jinx it.


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I saw a terrible UNT team hold SMU down for a half. I saw La Tech beat SMU if not for a Hail Mary that included SMU LT piggy back riding the DE.

SMU defense can’t stop TCU run game. TCU can slow down Mordecai and bunch especially if Coleman and Daniels get back.

If the Frogs take care of the ball and hit some of the sure to be wide open deep shots Frogs roll.

Frogs put it together and take out some anger from 2019.

TCU - 48
SMU - 21