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TCU vs OSU Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. I also don’t think it’s true. OSU is getting better looks more often. Just not knocking them down.
  2. That ref is single handed the worst ref in the Big 12. Dude sucks every game
  3. True. I was just going by the score.
  4. I wasn’t sure if we could score 40 if a team significantly overplayed the 3 point line. On a pace for 48 so glad to be wrong
  5. This game is a terrible watch. If I didn’t have college ties, then pretty much all regular season college hoops would be unwatchable.
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  6. Up by a touchdown. 24-17.
  7. Bu killing KU.
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  8. Wow, at least we started conference play against the 3 worst teams.

    At half

    TCU - 29% from the field (23% from deep)

    OK State - 28% from the field (11% from deep)
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  9. We were supposed to be the worst team.
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  10. They are DAMN good. You win on the road in Lubbock and Lawrence in the same week and you’re a very legit national title contender.
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  11. We played Texas?
  12. They are and I don't get how Drew keeps doing this.
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  13. They’ll screw it up in the dance with some undisciplined play and get out-coached. Or...they’ll murder one of their own. Happens
  14. I have an idea
  15. The pop up player content interrupts are so distracting/irritating I'm going to get off this site and just watch the game.
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  16. Back in the fan lead in the section with the arrival of a couple and their infant. Wish I’d been smart enough to skip that first half
  17. Don’t think I realized auburn is undefeated
  18. I guess I should have said how does Drew keep getting away with it.
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  19. Frogs SHOULD be shooting a ton of layups against this overplay but not sure that’s a good idea
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