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TCU vs OSU Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. I’ll see if I can stay on this one the entire game unlike last time.
  2. All the coaches wearing green ties. Anyone know why?
  3. Literacy awareness
  4. Coaching for Literacy. Kind of like the shoe thing they did last year.
  5. In sympathy of Baylor not having a football coach.
  6. Also. Why do our players not put their hands over their hearts during the national anthem? All of the OSU players were doing it. Bad look imo.
  7. We need this.
  8. Time to end the announcement about standing until the opposing team scores.

    It's not a tradition if you have to announce it each game.
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  9. You'd have thunk we'd read about it beforehand...
  10. Its a “new” tradition.
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  11. The gym floor will be the second ugliest thing here today given the OSU uniforms
  12. Layups remain an issue
  13. Just got home and turned the game on. Des starting out nice.
  14. It's what three years old?
  15. Okie Light is going hunting later today.
  16. Don’t know. Don’t care. First I remember was last year.
  17. Smith's plus minus must be -20
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  18. At least they stand up, unlike some trash out there.
  19. A defensive game that Gary would love.
  20. Fuller has a nice Euro step.

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