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TCU vs. Baylor now 'officially' known as "The Bluebonnet Battle"


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This a tough scheissing crowd. Short of images of the Alamo and a Mockingbird, there’s not much else that could be added to this trophy that would make it more “Texas”.
What would you want to see on the trophy? What would you rather call the game?
I wish the we call it “Beat the Dog [ Finebaum ] Out of the Bears” with a trophy of a TCU player cleaving a green and yellow bear to death with an axe. Short of that, I think the given name and trophy are just fine…
Spit Blood ~~<~<and £#€% baylor!!
It was sufficiently cringey when the tv people started with the revivalry crap. If TCU had simply ignored that and called it, ohhh, I don’t know, say, “the upcoming Baylor game,” the revivalry thing would die of lack of interest.
Now you try to fake up some kind of grand storied traditional rivalry by painting a dish with some gee-gaws that looks like it should be set against a shiplap backdrop and pronouncing it royal, and all you’ve done is feed fuel to the dork flame.
You know who’s undoubtedly loving this? My closeted co-worker who last week in a room full of TCU people talking about the upcoming UT game, swear to God brought up 61-58.
Thanks, Obama.


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Ugh, terrible IMHO. Generic. Blah. I liked "The Revivalry," but if that *had* to go, surely something better could have been found if just a small amount of imagination had been applied.

Here is one of a number of announcement stories you can find on the web:

At this point, who the hell cares?!

Both teams SUCK!!!

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The Revivalry is the worst idea, I ever heard for a game. This bluebonnet thing is only slightly better.

I like the ideas of doing something with brisket or kolaches. or play off the idea of a BBQ pit or something.

Another dumb idea: do something like a spatula, and Baylor-SMU can use a toaster, then it becomes a private school series around breakfast.


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I think we've arrived; this must be the bottom.

Due to the TCU vs. Baylor football game airing on ESPN+, there will be no official watch parties this week. We hope to see all Frog fans at locations around the country for the regular season finale next week on Friday, Nov. 24.
I legit can't remember the last time I was unable to see a TCU conference game on TV, even up here in Minnesota. I was actually amazed at how many games I could get even back in the CUSA/MWC days.

I think I need to apologize to all of the Frogdom; I had a very busy fall and was unable to watch most TCU games for the first time in a long time. Between tailgating for Minnesota games, a wedding of a couple of my wife's clients, a couple trips to Madison to see my daughter and a flight to see my brother for the first time in four years I missed a lot of Frog games and brought this curse on the team. Now I'm apparently being punished because I have a free weekend for the first time in a long time, and no broadcast to watch.

Maybe it's for the best...


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When two administrations get together and make a decision like this, it really makes you wonder how in touch with fans, and really, college football in general, they really are.

There’s nothing about this name (or the trophy itself) that screams big time college football.
We play rivals for a saddle or a skillet in the past.....this just lacks imagination and creativity.