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TCU vs Arkansas Part Deux - Game thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ron Swanson, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. 12 innings and 1 run so far. Looking a bit like the Baylor series.
  2. Just lost to Duke for the 2nd time this weekend.
  3. Every hog player is one of the something-est players in college baseball.
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  4. Does Casey Martin get to ride in a golf cart to and from the dish?
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  5. I think the strategy is to get his pitch count up and get into their bullpen
  6. we can get em. JJ seems to be settling down.
  7. And with that play JJ gets his fldg% back to .500!
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  8. The fastest cart in college baseball apparently
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  9. Henry has to catch that.
  10. Really needed Henry to make that play.....killing JJ pitch count
  11. Except Arky hasn't scored near enough runs yet for that comp.
  12. JJ has settled down. He's in a groove now. We need to start hitting.
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  13. But at least the pitching is keeping them in the game unlike that series.
  14. I can't stand these guys. I had to go to KTCU on radio tv sync.
  15. So far the Hogs have scored in two innings of this matchup and the Frogs in one. Need to make it two for the Frogs right now
  16. Rizer singles.Hump doubles with 2 outs.

    Keefer up to bat with runners on 2nd and 3rd.

    Popped up. 0-13 now.
  17. Rizer does a really good job of going with the pitch against lefties
  18. I guess he’s due
  19. He's overdue.
  20. C’mon, Keefer. Find your confidence.

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