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TCU v Kansas baseball game 2

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. Hump with a bunt single.
  2. Haven't seen anybody throwing yet.
  3. An RBI is 4 of the 5 runs we've scored thus far today.
  4. Wolfe just missed a 3 run homer to center.
  5. Wasn't there a Kenny Rogers song about this?

    The kid was out by a wide margin. Not even close. Thus, it was a dopey move. If you're in a situation where the fielder has to make a perfect throw to get the tag, then it's a reasonable gamble. But essentially handing your opponent a baserunner on a silver platter is dumb. You can couch it in flowery terms all you want, but that was a bad call. That a scoring runner was erased due to the dumb base running just rubs salt into the wound...
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  6. Rodgers with an rbi single. Hump scores, Wood goes to third. 6-3 Frogs.
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  7. Please don't steal with Sikes up...
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  8. Sikes just missed another homerun. Instead it's just a long fly ball to end the inning.
  9. 795 feet of outs that inning. Keep swinging stop running.
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  10. There's a couple of guys moving around out there now. Can't tell who it is.
  11. How do you post pictures from your phone? I used to use photobucket but from what I recall, it doesn’t work anymore.
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  12. Couldn't tell for sure - camera cut too quickly - but looked like Mosiello was chewing out Rodgers at 3B after Sikes's deep fly out.
    Can anyone confirm or explain?
  13. Why is Ray still pitching?
  14. true. But w TBA on the bump tomorrow I think you are hoping to get into the 7th w Ray if you can. So I figure there’s no quick hook today.
  15. Because he has thrown 65 pitches and we are leading 6-3 and he is still in control of his command and tomorrow will be a crap shoot
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  16. I just take a screenshot of the pic because usually it says file to large to upload. And then click the upload a file button thats next to the post reply button.

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  17. He’s missing his spots but getting outs which is just fine
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  18. He’s had a comparatively solid outing today
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  19. True. If KU would stop swinging at crap it might be a different story but they persist.
  20. We have different economies of baseball, I guess. If our aggressive base running costs us a run now and then, but routinely sets up runners to score 2-4 RBIs that might otherwise be men LOB, I'll gladly take that tradeoff any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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