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TCU @ UT Score Prediction Contest

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. 35 - 24.. think the Frogs and GP bounce back from the ISU mess..GP has Mensa’s number
  2. 33-28 Frogs, 3 sacks.
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  3. UT 41
    TCU 21
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Them 38
    Us 27

    Hope I'm wrong
  6. I hate to think you're right, but I gotta go with the frogs...

    TCU 49
    UT 41

    We give up 5 sacks.
  7. Frogs 35
    UT 28
    2 sacks
  8. UT 35
    TCU 17
    Frogs give up 5 sacks
    TCU starts season 0-2
  9. 44 - 30 TCU wins. CDC fires Herman.
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  10. TCU 21
    TU 41
  11. We’re going to win, turn this weird season around, and start rolling. Book it, Danno, and have faith. Hell, they barely beat TTech, y’all. Go Frogs!
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  12. 56-24, Horns.

    We give up 7 sacks

    (Please let me be wrong, please let me be wrong, please let me be wrong...)
  13. 37-26 Whorns
    4 sacks
  14. UT- 23
    TCU - 31
  15. Frogmen 41
    Shorthorns 31
    1 sack followed by a 25 yard scramble for a Frog first down
  16. TCU 34
    UT 24

    4 sacks
  17. In memory of 2314 ...

    TCU 23
    Texas 14

    2 sacks
  18. Every frickin’ year the pundits think UT is gonna beat TCU and every year (except a couple) they’re wrong. This year is no exception.

    Frogs: 35 - Fighting Hermans 24
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  19. Hate to pick against the Frogs, but
    Texas 38
    TCU 31
    5 sacks
  20. Hoping for a Frog win. Unlike many here I think the key will be the defense having so many blown assignments. When guys are that open, like they were last week, someone blew his assignment big time. Two or less blown defensive assignments, TCU wins. How many sacks depends on how many chances the offense has to take due to defensive mistakes resulting in easy Texas scores.

    If history serves, I look for a much better defensive performance, as far as blown assignments go. However it seems like we always give up at least one easy TD, so the players just need to keep on playing after that happens, and not get down on themselves.
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