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TCU to the Big 10!


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I hope it's not the Flying T. You just have to look at how well we did wearing those uniforms and wonder why anyone would want them back. Might as well bring back the lavender ones.
So it was the logo that was the problem?

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Well, I guess it all depends on perspective and time. As a TCU letterman, I wore the Flying T proudly. Didn't play football but had a bunch of friends on the football team, living in the brand-new Moncrief- so many stories. Now I digress... Anyway- wearing the Flying T now has no bearing the outcome of the game and if the players are for it then go for it. Homecoming- 30 years. I'm going and it's going to be a blast. The Flying T wasn't all bad for football- 2 memories stand out most-Arkansas away win hugging Fred, Chuck and John on the field after, and obviously the home win against Texas. Go Frogs!