TCU Student Dies in Jet Ski Crash

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  1. Story has a correction saying Missouri students, not TCU. Still not good.
  2. I think the original story was that both were TCU students. I think they are still reporting that Harrison Smith was a TCU student.
  3. He was. Super sad stuff.
  4. Was wondering when this would show up...have a buddy who is good friends with the TCU student. Sad stuff. I grew up on a lake. Rarely ever did we go out on it at night on jet skis or in the boat and if we did, it was super slow always.
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  5. Yep. Darkness + water + going fast = awful combination. Especially if a 4th factor is involved. Jose Fernandez learned that lesson.
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  6. Tanner had just graduated from mizzou and was as big a TCU fan as almost anybody on this board. Had just moved back home to Fort Worth.
  7. So tragic. Had their whole lives ahead of them.

    Are there laws on how late you can be on a boat or jet ski? I have never seen a jet ski with head lights so I just figured no one would ever use them after sunset. Some small boats may have navigation tools but rarely do I see them on a jet ski.

    Did they hit each other or struck another boat or something else in the water?
  8. The article states that investigators believe they hit a boat dock
  9. Damn.

    You literally have to know the area like the back of your hand to even try to ride a boat/jetski at night.

    Are boat docks required to have any form of warning lights?
  10. We have a Boat House on Richland Chambers Lake and you must have a light shining on the Boat House when Dark or will be ticketed for this reason so Boaters can see there is a Boat House
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  11. Lights on boat houses or not, it is really really not smart to be jet skiing at night. There almost had to be alcohol involved.
  12. Holy crap. Yeah, these by things should never be rode at night. I grew up on these things and probably did some really stupid things but once sunset hit it was time load in. They are fun but incredibly dangerous just by their very nature. This is awful and senseless.
  13. While I might have done some boating at night(fishing or coming back from a lakeside restaurant), lights were always on and preceded with caution. Night and fast is a bad combo. I have never or considered riding Jet Ski's and other like craft at night.
  14. Grew up on a lake (lake Conroe), had skis the entire time (still do), never (not even once) rode at night. Way too dangerous.
  15. Not sure. Can't remember. I do remember that, if the laws are still the same, you need running lights on a boat. However, those are not all that powerful. But if you are running watercraft at night, it should be a boat, going slow and run a spot light, or something close. And stay in the middle of the channel.

    Sad story. Their families are going through something so bad now. Prayers for all.
  16. To operate at night, boats have to have running lights so they can be seen, but they don't have to have anything like headlights, which help you see where you are going. Jetskis are not legal to operate at night. See
  17. Besides running lights, I always used my spotlight. Most boats are equipped with one. I couldn't imaging going anywhere on a lake in the dark without a spotlight.
  18. I was wondering how they handle jet skis, since there are not running lights.

    My guess is the students knew the lake well and did not think they were going that far. Sad situation.
  19. My guess is they went to that place/house by jetski during the day thinking they would leave before sunset. It was past midnight, they should have just slept at least until sunrise.

    I don't think anyone plans to use a jet ski as a mode of transportation after dark.

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