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TCU-SMU Weather


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The GoFrogs site says time for the SMU game is TBA.

Has kickoff time been announced?

Apologies if this information is available in some other obvious place that didn't occur to me.


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Windy's a good thing. Both our offensive and defensive running games are better than SMUs. I'm perfectly fine with downfield passes having an extra degree of difficulty for this one.

If SMU can't threaten us over the top, we're going to obliterate them. I'd root for that front to come in quicker, so the wind picks up more earlier in the day. Maximum carnage for the passing game.

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We played a lot of players against Houston so hopefully we will be reasonably rested. If we can play a lot this game we should be reasonably fresh the fourth quarter. I liked that we played 4 RBs even though it was partially due to Bailey's iffy ankle.