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TCU NFL combine invites

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. For sure. I don't think he'll be drafted because of all that. But there are lots of guys who don't get drafted and are invited to the combine.

    And there are also lots of guys who aren't invited and do get drafted.
  2. Not at all, but certainly an emphasis on SLIGHTLY surprised. I don't think he'll be drafted but I thought he had a decent chance to go to the combine. He doesn't have very good measurables but had decent production in college.
  3. Not good measurables and decent production in college doesn’t get in you in the NFL fray.
  4. I get it. Again, I said SLIGHTLY surprised.
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  5. but are you really sure you get it.......
  6. I see Summers as a Paul/PJ Dawson kind of guy. He has great football IQ that put him in the right position but will probably have a slower 40 time than anyone will expect. He was a great college player but you have to be an athletic freak for the NFL
  7. Kinda surprised Jawuan Johnson didn't get an invite.
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  8. Slightly sure
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  9. So I think Johnson was probably our best LB when he finally understood the system. I thought Summers was going to be great but for some reason ever since they moved him to DE his play at LB really dropped off. I remember he was up for a herbie after his sophomore year. I think the coaching staff screwed him when they moved him down his senior year.
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  10. I think they screwed the team more than they hurt him (not sure they had a choice due to injuries, though). I think they helped him tremendously with projecting his abilities in the NFL in a 3-4 defense. Being able to play LB AND put your hand down and be an effective edge rusher is huge in the NFL.
  11. I'm surprised J Johnson didn't get an invite. Special teams warrior and great in coverage...dude will make an NFL team next year.
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  12. I think being 5' 11" has a lot to do with it.
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  13. They may not be into you...but good luck.
    Edit: It occurs to me that you may have left out the word "for" in your post. Either way, good luck.
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  14. I don’t talk good Inglish to gud.
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  15. Probably get drafted by the Patriots in the 6th round similar to Malcolm Williams. Think he ended up playing special teams for the Pats for 3 years.
  16. Banogu was a sure-fired first round pick by Kiper last year. I suspected that as soon as he declared, Kiper would back off this like a cartoon character, leaving just dust.

    Sure enough, after an excellent Senior year despite not having nearly as good a team around him, a more ready...and out of eligibility... Banogu is now at #119 by ESPN, he should do better than that after the Pro Bowl and Combine.

    I remember when Kiper and his ilk had LT way down in running backs because he was "too show"! The Combine made Ladanian a lot of money.
  17. kiper is on espn to do one thing and that is throw [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] at a wall like a chimp and if it sticks great and if not he was entertaining for a moment which is all they want.

    the only people who matter in this are the nfl people and ben and lj are going to go to the senior bowl and work out that week in front of them which in all honesty is more important to either one in regards to their nfl futures.

    ben will get a chance to cover actual backs and receivers instead of running drills through cones. he will get to show his pass rush skills and ability to hold an edge against actual offensive linemen instead of dummies.

    the same for lj. he will get a chance to show he can play de in either a 4-man front or a 3-man front.
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  18. Mike Freeze......what coulda been.
  19. Ben should still be a first round pick. Hopefully Ty can at least be a make to the third or fourth round on the first day.
  20. I don’t see either of those things as even remotely likely.

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