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TCU NFL combine invites

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. I always enjoy seeing how our guys do in the combine, even though it isn’t an accurate measure of football talent. We always throw up a heck of a lot of weight, though.
  2. That's really cool Ty got invited. Good for him!
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  3. good for both of them. interesting no invite for lj
  4. No Collier??
  5. Collier received an invite as well, guess he just hasn't posted anything about it.
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  6. Collier was incredible this season
  7. Slightly surprised that Niko Small didn't get an invite.
  8. Sarcasm?
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  9. His high-school power cling stats were not high enough to suggest explosiveness at the combine.
  10. niko is listed by tcu at 5'10" and under 190 which is smaller that the norm for nfl safeties, i don't think he will run in the low 4.5's, and he has had injury problems

    different game in the nfl and he wouldn't be chasing smaller slot receivers, but bigger players

    what might be even bigger for ben and lj is they are going to the senior bowl which means doing football situation drills in front of nfl staffs and scouts.
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  11. Maybe I’ll have them all over dinner...
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  12. I feel pretty comfortable if NFL teams turn on the tape they will feel pretty good about both Banogu and Collier. They are very different players who will fit different systems, but both should make an impact.

    Not sure on Summers.
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  13. If you did actually invite and they did accept, that would be an ugly grocery bill.
  14. If I actually invited them, they’d probably say just say, “sure we’ll be right over, giggle.”

    Does anyone know if they get a per diem from the NFL? I’m guessing the combine picks up the tab for it all.
  15. I think Summers could be a really good MLB
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  16. Yes to all this and truthfully he never showed elite ability for us..

  17. Pretty cool.
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