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TCU Nebraska tickets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by thefrogking, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. I need to purchase 3 tickets to the TCU Nebraska basketball game. Is the ticket office at TCU the best way to go? I’m a season ticket holder to football but a little inexperienced at buying games for just one game.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. There is typically a window of time that allows season ticket holders first right to claim their seats, then the tickets go on sale to the public based on a first come, first serve basis.

    I don't think the exact timeline for the Nebraska game has been announced, but I would guess season ticket holders will be given until the end of the day today or tomorrow to call dibs on their seats.
  3. Thank you
  4. I never got the notification about the SHSU game to preserve my seats for that and I've yet to receive anything about the Nebraska game. I wasn't able to rearrange plans last night to go and likely can't make it Sunday either to an 8:30 pm tip with 3 kids and my wife out of town. That said, I'm a little perturbed that the ticket office is fumbling this so badly. I openly wondered watching last night if that was why so few people seemed to be there.
  5. email was sent for the nebraska game...from the email

    "To retain your season ticket location, please be sure to place your order by 12:00 PM, tomorrow, Friday, March 22nd. All tickets will be made available to the general public starting Friday afternoon."
  6. I got it. Quite literally, the time stamp on the e-mail is the same number of minutes ago I posted above. Still not sure why I didn't get one for SHSU.
  7. Creepy that they knew you were about to [ hundin] about it on kf.com.
  8. Just got off the phone with TCU ticket office. I am going to have to wait until all the season ticket holders have there chance to buy tickets. I'll be purchasing after noon tomorrow.(Friday)
  9. I haven’t received an email.
  10. Through an odd set of circumstances last night we ended up having to use a pair of tickets not in our season package. When we went to the seats s couple was already there. We had paper ticket from the box office, they had electronic tickets for the same seats. The head usher told us it was the fourth time that happened last night. The guy knows us so we ended up in some comparable seats; in the big picture it was nothing but it is interesting. The usher told me that it had never happened before in the several years he had worked there.
  11. Probably will be plenty on stubhub.
  12. There will be no shortage of open seats...don't worry.
  13. Probably will be able to buy tickets at the gate. I bet Nebraska fans will make a good showing. There are a lot in North Texas.
  14. Something tells me seating will be available
  15. Since we only have 2 players on the bench during action, you might be able to sit next to them for the right price
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  16. There is an open seat with coaches also.
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  17. I hope our season ticket holders will show up for this game. There is no reason not to if you are a Frog basketball fan. I get the mediocre response to Sam Houston, but there should not be the same response for Nebraska.
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  18. I thought it was a pretty good crowd for an NIT game.
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  19. Just bought my tix, Sec 12 this time. Still on the stairs next to 11.
  20. Come on you wishy washy fans. Buy tickets to the Nebraska game and support this team.
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