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TCU MET Social Club startup Anyone in Manufacturing, Energy or Tech

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by tcufrogprince1, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. I laid pipe at TCU.
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  2. Too close to DFW where they already have resources. Im not saying we wont eventually, but starting these outside of the DFW area is going to take precidence. What I will probably do is allow Dallas people to join, but we wont start official meetings till I can get the other cities going.
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  3. This will be nothing like the young alumni or alumni groups. Those groups were set up to socialize and watch sports. The primary goal of this group is to further TCU Alumni careers by deliberate networking, mentoring and physically making an agreement to hire, sell to, buy from TCU Alumni. Yes, we will watch TCU sports and have speakers, but I want to really push the A&M model for after school. Outside of social elements they dont really support TCU Alumni career growth.
  4. I also talked with the Alumni center yesterday. They dont have anything in the pipeline for this type of group. They are trying to build a linkedin style network and thats great, but still not enough. Im going to talk with Ryan further at the Houston Business Breakfast.
  5. Send your contact info to bjiosolutions@gmail.com or PM me on here if you are interested. Include your name, email, phone, Industry, title and company. You can also include any ideas for improvement. What I really need now is people willing to help contact through TCU Alumni and Linkedin lists.
  6. What does the “io” stand for?
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  7. I used to own an outdoor and general contracting services company that originated from a dangerous trees company called Black Jack Trees. All of it put together was too long so it became BlackJackIndoorOutdoor Solutions BJIO Solutions, but I get what you are doing there so lol.
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  8. I think this is a great idea!! Kudos on your effort. I’ve always felt this was a huge gap for TCU.

    This has never been a strong area for TCU. Once you graduate, the only time they remember you is when they need $$$.

    There are quite a few people in healthcare as well... I would definitely support something like this if it was offered.
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  9. I remember when I graduated from Neeley, I thought we would have great resources for job search/placement for TCU alums. I was pointed towards a cork board in a hallway with a few pinned pieces of paper with hand written job opps that had a phone number written over and over across the bottom of the page that you tear off.

    For the money it costs to go to TCU now, there should be some really exceptional resources in place.
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  10. This is like when people say, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes." It's funny, but it just ain't true.

    TCU alumni chapters organized and sponsored by TCU send out scores of mailings and host scores of events around the country every year that have absolutely nothing to do with fundraising. Only the most dedicated alums participate. Most alumni simply ignore them.

    See back_in_black's post above and tcufrogprince1's response.

    tcufrogprince1 is correct, however, that alumni networking for professional and career purposes has never been a strong point at TCU and is a serious gap that needs to be filled.
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  11. DM me your info, and I will reach out to you tomorrow. I would like for you to confirm why I’m not getting information from TCU related to events.
  12. Thanks everyone that responded. I will be emailing everyone some time next week to layout the upcoming goals.

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