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TCU MET Social Club startup Anyone in Manufacturing, Energy or Tech

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by tcufrogprince1, Mar 13, 2019.

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    I wanted to see how many Energy, Tech, Manufacturing alumni are in Houston, San Antonio, Austin that would want to get together for a hyper focus networking and career advancement group. Anyone outside the state/country can still join and participate. Meetings will be on Facebook Live and or Skype. A&M does several groups like this and unfortunately is killing us at networking, hiring and promoting their school graduates and former alumni. I would like to do something like that for TCU grads and Alumni in Houston. I know we have the Young Alumni Group, but it doesnt focus on industry or deliberate hiring of TCU new/old alumni. Is anyone interested? Love to hear some good names for the social group. I've also reached out to TCU to see what kind of support they can offer as well.

    Basic premise:
    Membership OPEN TO ALL CITIES, STATES AND COUNTRIES, but meetings will only be held in San Antonio, Houston and Austin for now.
    Members will hold rank based on points. Points will be based on, volunteering and verifiable TCU Alumni transactions of employment, sales or buying with other TCU Alumni.
    All meetings will be on Skype or Facebook live for out of state participation.
    Meet once per month for sporting event/game watching or dinner
    Mentorships set up for new grads with old grads
    Deliberate efforts to hire qualified TCU students or old alumni
    Oil, Gas and Energy centered
    Focus on getting young/new alumni into larger companies
    Networking for old alumni to leverage resources/buyers/sales etc.

    I've gotten a few jobs through TCU contacts, but I have never seen an actual group like this. Bash, critique or support it. I would love to hear your feedback. Send me your contact info if interested to bjiosolutions@gmail.com Include: Name, Email, Phone, Industry, Title, Company and any ideas you might have to add.
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  2. frogprince,

    kudos for you taking this action. i have at times felt as if tcu at times forgets that they have alums outside the metroplex and the value of knowing other alums without have to worry about someone trying to sell you insurance etc....right then and there...
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    TCU Naphtha Social Club?
  4. Totally agree. Spot on. 100%. I just see a void that really should be exploited to give our school better standing within the energy industry. We have some super intelligent people and people with leadership positions. There is no reason why we shouldnt be able to leverage that TCU connection and promote ourselves and our school at the same time. I wouldnt even mind a Dallas and San Antonio Group as well.
  5. Great idea.

    I would add Austin to the list. I'm not sure how many TCU grads are in the O&G/energy sector here, but Austin has quite a number of E&P companies (surprisingly).
  6. dallas?


    they can go to the group that meets in east ft. worth
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  7. I hear you. lol I changed it to Austin, San Antonio, Houston and expanded to Energy, IT and Manufacturing. That is probably as far out as I would want to expand to keep the group hyper focused. I think there is also enough cross pollination between those three to make it worth the expansion of industries.
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  8. Names? TCU MET Social club? (Manufacturing, Energy, Tech)
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  9. Cast a bigger net: TCU CJK5H Social Club and weed out accordingly.
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  10. Good idea but no need for some clever name. Just call it what it is. Definitely an area where aTm has really done well and why the cost/value ratio of an Aggy degree is super high.

    I'd potentially be interested, in energy banking in Houston.
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  11. lol. but no. Biggest problem is the young ones wont even know what we are talking about, but maybe that is a good thing. Oh and he definitely did. #CJK5H
  12. Sounds like a great idea honestly. Hope some people take you up on it.
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  13. Anyone willing to help me get this started, PM me and we can trade contact info. The school is supposed to get back to me tomorrow and hopefully there will be some support from them as well.
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    I’d just call it “Energy” to make sure you capture all sectors - upstream, midstream, and downstream.
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  15. Why not Dallas?
  16. Sending you a PM now.
  17. When I graduated I joined a young alumni group in Austin. Also was on the Alumni Board down there and helped plan activities. They have these in most major cities. Perhaps you just need to update you info with the Alumni Office.
  18. most of the events have targeted the younger alums and as mentioned above most i left after being bombarded with elevator speeches and questions as to who was my realtor, insurance agent, and-or investment guy.

    the difference is setting an environment where you get to meet people, talk wo the sales pitch, and get to know people
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  19. if you have to ask, well...........
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  20. TCU pipe laying anyone?
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