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TCU Men's Tennis - 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jared7, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. It was obvious tonight he got a little tight. Id imagine this win will help him with that.

    Solid week of tennis, really a solid several months. I think no sets lost, lost only two breaks all week.

    Gotta say, his success of late has brought my interest back to the game. I've got somebody to root for now.
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  2. he was super fidgety at the end. Even before missing his ball toss repeatedly he would stop and start his serve motion. Weird to watch.

    I definitely see him in big moments, he’s going to need to fortify up the nerves. He’s playing so freaking well, would be a shame to not maximize it due to nerves
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  3. Yeah, the first 2-3 times he did it, I was thinking that Cam was being smart because you don't want to go through with the serve if the ball toss isn't right, but then as the match got tighter, he just kept doing it, again and again, to the point that it was kind of embarrassing. I'm sure that that's Facu's coaching, but it was quite disconcerting. And I've never seen another pro do it that much.

    He's got a real entourage now - 4 people (all the guys have Norrie-like scraggly beards). The physical trainer has done a good job with the fitness - he's in the best shape of his life. I bet he's eating right and working out right and hitting tons of balls to improve his consistency. He could easily add a sports psychologist to help with the Charles Barkley-like golf jitters.
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  4. %$#@! He only advanced 1 spot in the ATP rankings - to 29th. I would have thought a title would have done more. Oh well - on to Atlanta where he's the third seed. I don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but I've got to think he's a contender for (yet) another title! Could he challenge Djoker to stop the Slam chances?
  5. Yeah the big pause between first and second serves is new for him. He used to rapid fire from 1st to 2nd. It didn’t help though, think he can scrap that change, it was just awkward and then he would miss the ball toss anyways.

    I’ve heard it described as the “yips” for a tennis player. Basically can only think about not messing it up, and then you throw it exactly where you are trying to not toss it.
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  6. In addition to Cam Norrie at Hotlanta, multiple Frogs are in action this week. Alex Rybakov is at the Lexington Challenger, where he's into a qualie match against Genaro Olivieri later this morning. Tomas Jirousek is in Novi Sad (Serbia) where he has already won a qualie match against Dusan Obradovic 6-4, 7-5. His main draw opponent is TBD. Nick Chappell is in the Open Castilla y Lyon (El Espinar Segovia Spain) where he is scheduled to play a qualie match against Luca Vanni this morning as well. I couldn't find listings for any others, but there are so many possibilities (Gray, Maxted, Aguilar, Stalder, Lopez; Jong; Ruehl) that I might have missed 1 or 2.
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  7. Chappell falls 1 and 2 to Vanni in Spain.

    Although tennis is not particularly relevant in all this conference realignment stuff, I suppose it has to be mentioned. Losing UT and OU would drop the Big 12 to only 4 men's teams which would render the conference chase less interesting and it would only last 1-2 weeks. Speaking strictly tennis, Tulsa, SMU, Tulane and USF are probably the best expansion candidates because we play them all fairly regularly and, while not elite programs, are still very good competitors, usually ranked in the Top 20-40. The Pac-12 would definitely be a great destination - they are the most dominant tennis conference ever (with USC, UCLA and Stanford each owning eleventy gazillion NCAA titles - albeit not recently). COVID really knocked them down these past 2 seasons; Cal didn't even play this year and Stanford didn't start until mid-March. They'll almost certainly bounce back though. Joining the PAC would clearly be in our interest for tennis.
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  10. Rybo lost to Olivieri at the Lexington Challenger in a walkover - it was 6-3, 6-7 and Alex apparently withdrew for some reason. He's still scheduled in doubles though; teaming with Reese Stalder. Hopefully, it's not an injury.

    Jirousek's 2nd round qualie at Novi Sad will be against Bozo Barun tomorrow morning.
  11. You made that up.
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  12. Unfortunately, Tomas lost to Bozo Barun 6-3, love-6, 4-10 this morning at Novi Sad this morning and didn't qualify for the main draw there. Bozo is a 20 year old Croat ranked ATP#1344, so it was not a good L for Jirousek. Bozo is a common name in the Slavic countries - it is a diminutive of Boziat, which means "divine." It has been used for centuries; well before the 1940's invention of "Bozo the Clown" in America. Similarly, there is a town in Turkey named "Batman" which existed long before the first Batman comic strip in the 1930's; "Alderaan" is a common Mesopotamian surname that existed long before it was invented as a peaceful planet and was supposedly destroyed by the Death Star in the waning days of the Galactic Republic and "Nacho" was a common Hispanic given name well before nachos were invented as a favorite component of Tex-Mex cuisine.
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  13. You can't trust everything you find on wikipedia Bozo.
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  14. I was curious if Norrie was going to withdraw from Atlanta, but it appears he is still in. His draw is awful though. Wouldn't blame him if he has a letdown match.
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  15. Nah, he's there - they were talking about his chances on the Tennis Channel's coverage of Lloyd Harris v. Jordan Thompson. I wouldn't blame Cam either if he suffers a letdown, but frickin Donati's job could well be in jeopardy if it happens.
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  16. Pretty sure Norrie is alone responsible for where we end up in re-alignment.
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  17. The draw is bad but he doesn't start til Wednesday in singles or doubles. Maybe he drops dubs, esp. if he advances in singles? Potential path of Kyrgios, Paire, Raonic, Sinner is pretty daunting.
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  18. Despite Rybo's withdrawal resulting in a walkover at Lexington, he and Widow are still on for the doubles later today. Widow has actually been playing several tourneys this summer that we missed. He played last week at the Edwardsville Futures (losing in the 2nd round), but he actually made the quarters at Heraklion (Greece) in June. They are scheduled to play N. Sriram Balaji and Luca Margaroli at 6:30 p.m. (CDT)(about the same time as Krygios v. Anderson).
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  19. And who knew that Novi Sad ("New Plantation") is an official European Capital of Culture for 2022?
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  20. Rybo and Widow won in doubles yesterday 7-6, 6-4 at Lexington over Balaji/Margaroli and have now advanced to the quarters where they will play Govind Nanda and Stefan Dostanic (currently TBD). Cam Norrie is teaming with Taylor Fritz in doubles at Atlanta and they will play Matthew Ebden and John Patrick Smith (both Aussies) at 3:00 p.m. today. And Krygios beat Anderson last night so Cam will open up against him in the Round of 16 in singles tomorrow.
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