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  1. Now that the 2012 class is signed and we are waiting for spring football and baseball to kick in, thought we might take a look at the band's status. Are we set pretty good for next year? Did we lose a bunch? When does practice start? I have no idea, but would be interested to hear from the band members. Should we add more to the horn section for loudness? SMU's band is mostly horn, and they are pretty loud for the size. Do we need more horns/drums/?? Don't know the money impact either. I think it comes out of the athletic budget, but I could be wrong.
    We are killing some time here, but I truly am interested. Has there been discussion to increase the size? Can we sic the Nike design team on the band costumes? Any new ones being discussed?
    Finally, I would really like for somebody to post the TCU fight song, and have Wes pin it to the board, so whenever we needed a shot of it, it would be handy. It is a long time to September.
  2. We need more tubas. I think, however, that the band is using all available sousaphones.
  3. The content of the off-season board is now complete.

    Don't know any answers to any of your questions.

    IMO, the band needs more brass and more volume, although the musicianship is good to this untrained ear.

    Just my opinion, but nothing will change because the band is under the direction of the Music Dept. which has a different agenda than the Athletic Dept.
  4. More cowbell
  5. The band needs to start now to get ready to compete with Gramblin State's Band for the home opener. If they were smart they would put together a halftime show together. That would be a classic. I believe Houston did the same thing a few years back.
  6. I am sure Youndblood has already started planning out our response to Grambling's show.

    FWIW: Youngblood teaches other marching bands and marching band directors on competitive marching formations.

  7. I can't wait for the show. Thanks for the info.
  8. Spats makes any band look sharper than they really are.

    Cheers !
  9. I think the band needs to play more songs at the football games. I like the wide selection that is played at the basketball games.
  10. I am also very sure that Lindsey is already planning a big TCU Show Girls' surprise for that game.... Opening night and on a new stage. She tiny, but she knows how to throw a good glitzy and sexy show. If memory serves me right she was a Dallas Mavericks Dancer for 4 or 5 years.


  11. Yeh,and they play the same damm song over and over and over!:wacko:
  12. Here is a good looking uniform! :laugh:
    (It is a very young Quilter with Prof.)

    My link
  13. No way our band is going to compete with Grambling in terms of pure showmanship. If we try to compete on their terms, they'll steamroll us. Instead, I would try to out-class them. Make the TCU halftme show a tribute to... the Grambling Band!

    Seriously, it would be totally unexpected. They would love it, and our fans would to.
  14. Wow, you were a real cymbal of the band, weren't you?

  15. Thanks Quilter...very cool. Do you have any info on the Band this year? Is there any way to post the TCU fight song?
  16. No, I'm not involved with band stuff anymore. When you say post the fight song, do you mean like this?:
    My link
    I don't know how to get the YouTube screen on my post. Sorry.
  17. Nope. Athletic department funds the marching band, and they call the tunes. They don't seem to care much about the halftime show, but they definitely have a say on what gets played in the stands. Why they don't do something about it is beyond me. Back when we were in the WAC we played pretty much anything we wanted to. Graduate assistants were always coming up with arrangements of fun songs. Current songs, even. We used to play the Superman theme every time LT made a big play. Imagine how cool that would have been for a Kerley kickoff return. But something changed when we went to CUSA, and ever since it's been a steady diet of The Horse. I HATE The Horse.

    As for adding people to the band, how would you do that? It's not like they turn anyone away. Or they didn't when I was there, thank goodness. Some people on band scholarships are required to be in the marching band, which is unheard of at most schools. They even let students from TCC play in the band (do they still do that?). I guess you could fund some marching band scholarships. That might ease some of the attrition.
  18. I think the band will grow now that we're joining the Big 12, especially if the band can go on more bus trips to road games. Extrapolating our experience with winning in the SWC, we should have a 300- to 400-member band, especially given the growth in undergraduate enrollment since the 1990s. Why we don't has been a subject of much debate. But if they can go on more road trips and we continue to win, we should soon have an answer.
  19. Lindsay was a Dallas Mavericks dancer for 2 or 3 years. A TCU grad as well.
  20. I think the TCU Band is already close to 300 (maybe around 280). At Rose Bowl time, a band member posted here that the Wisconsin band was also around 300. I asked why a big public university like that didn't have a band of 400+. It was explained to me that there comes a point of diminishing returns in band numbers -- that 300 is about the optimum number and that 400+ is too much because the marching formations become unwieldy.

    Now I have no idea if any of that is true, but it's what was explained to me.

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