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TCU KState game thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WhiteHispanicFrog, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Barber with a catch.
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  2. Penalty on the very first play for illegal substitution. Lol. How is that possible?
  3. Good to have Barber back..he’s quick
  4. Anybody got a stream link?
  5. Need one of those mats with 11 numbers on it to use before they run out on the field.
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  6. Hunt drop then an overthrow deep ball by Duggan..Hunt would have scored
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  7. Dropped pass already
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  8. I actually don’t mind the playcalling there though.
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  9. Looked like Hunt let up on the route.
  10. Hunt with 3 steps, Duggan over throws him by 5 yards. Should’ve been a TD.

    The long ball eludes this offense once again.
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  11. not a good question for a bunch of old guys
  12. Punt..KS takes over and loses 2 ..Blacklock
  13. No touch at times.
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  14. Fox Sports GO

    3rd 12 coming up for KSU
  15. KSU gets 10...Punt time
  16. Great tackle by Washington.
    Seems TCU has some kind of pass rush today.
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  17. Really nice tackle by Washington. Hard hit, sticky wrap up. Saves first down.
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  18. Damn Washington is a missile ...
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  19. I'm an optimist.
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  20. Come on offense.

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