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TCU Iowa State game thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Supposedly hurt it during warmups. Wow.
  2. have to hope they got all the crap out of their system that half.

    plus/ minus for the team was a cumulative -90 which has got to be a school record for a half so there is only one way to go the second half and it can starting with protecting the ball on the offensive end and playing defense on the other
  3. Agree, LaDee is a walking foul. This team is full of players nobody else wanted. For whatever reason, Dixon and his assistants, recruited leftovers. I like Dixon but he needs to flush his assistant coaches and start over.
  4. Must have been celebrating the West Virginia win a little too much.
  5. If you shoot 33% lose the rebounding battle and have 5 more turnovers, this is what you get
  6. I think we’ll see them play together a bit better in the 2nd half but dug too big of joke for a likely comeback win.....8-0 run to end the half was a killer
  7. the crazy thing is the frogs are 6-8 in conference play shooting 39%, having a significant deficit in assists/ turnovers, and breaking even on rebounding in large part to playing defense and making it someone tough on opposing offenses in their 6 wins.

    right now that didn't happen in the first half.
  8. We just suck, not sure what else to say. We need the freshman to step up. PJ is doing ok but the others are unimpressive.
  9. Bane padding his rebounding stats
  10. Bane scrapping.
  11. funny what happens when you challenge your opponent on the defensive end.

    you can't always control shooting, but defense, attacking the boards, and protecting the ball are things you can always do regardless
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  12. Loving the effort I am seeing. Hope we sustain it.
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  13. Good effort. Nothing like a ghost foul call to hurt it :/ ...unfair man
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  14. We just suck, not sure what else to say. We need the freshman to step up. PJ is doing ok but the others are unimpressive- Also you.

    Great consistency.
  15. Please take him out....in a minute he has a turnover, loses his man on defense and misses ANOTHER shot...
  16. Right now what does your gut say - win or lose?
  17. actually pizza
  18. Blppblllpbbllaahh

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