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TCU Iowa State game thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. RJ is out
    Farabello is out

    I'm listening to TCU Horned Frogs at Iowa St. Cyclones with @TuneInSports. #NowPlaying http://tun.in/sfBfN
  2. Currently not showing on ESPNU.
  3. Has not started yet as of 609pm.

    Lacrosse??? [ What the heck? ] ESPNU?!?!?
  4. Are we High Point?
  5. Need this one for a potential NIT bid..Baylor and KU are almost definitely losses. This one is big
  6. On ESPN news
  7. Why is RJ out?
  8. Announcer said groin injury
  9. Every Smith shot is just like a turnover.
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  10. I don't have a problem with the shots he's taking. To me they're the right shots in the offense, virtually wide open... but to your point, yeah it seems he's got some sort of yips in terms of making the good shots. I'm sure he'll straighten it out, just hope it's sooner rather than later.
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  11. This game is over.
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  12. Iowa State coach just told his team "don't defend Smith, let him shoot".
  13. ....same goes for #2 ^^^. 2-6 so far 0-4 from 2....
  14. 25 games in, you don’t have the yips. You stop shooting 3’s until the off-season.
  15. Hard to watch
  16. Lol....what a fitting ending to the first half.
    Turnover, give up off rebound and layup
  17. Dennis...smh. I was literally yelling "dribble fool!"
  18. Would like to see stats on Fouls per minute for LaDee vs Missed shots per minute for Smith. Pretty sure there’s a one to one ratio for both.
  19. the struggle to find consistency when you don't have someone who you can depend upon to score.

    they actually are shooting above their season average from 3 at 38%, but shooting 4 of 14 from inside the arc and 7 turnovers in a half has a tendency to kill your offensive output.

    defensively solomon young is killing them with 16 in the first half from a guy who averages just under 10 a game.

    frogs must play better half court defense, they must take better care of the ball, and if they shoot at their norm inside in the second half they can get back into this game
  20. Bane hasn't been able to finish layups for several games. Seems slow, also.

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