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TCU Football Hype 2020

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Careful on the music with this one

  2. Stopped watching after the quote from the America hater, Hussein Obama, asking me to believe.

    The only thing I believe is that he was the worst and most divisive and destructive president our country has ever seen.

    Doesn't surprise me that our woke athletic director, along with TCU's bleeding heart liberal video producer, Eichel G. Davis, would approve of including such a thing.

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  3. It would be hard for me to be less hyped than I am right now. Maybe that changes once the game starts.
  4. Great videos...but

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  5. Why don't you stop being so butthurt and KEEP POLITICS OUT OF THE FORUM!!!

    Triggered so easily.

    If you don't want to watch the hype, or the game, then don't. No one is stopping you. Just stop bringing your sore butt into the forum where all we want to do is talk about the sports.

    This might help you:
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    interesting the infamous word that supposedly caused so much uproar from a player a few weeks back was used multiple times in the song

    granted, i am far from woke, but this is the one of the things that i just don't understand is that gary can't use the word to tell a player not to use the word, but then the athletic department can put out something promoting the upcoming season and the music uses the word multiple times.
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  7. Just depends on what the Outrage of the Month is at the time.
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  8. Great video!
  9. His name is "Woke Frog." Not sure what he's going for with that account but it's clearly not serious.
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  10. The video is not from official TCU account, but a fan account
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  11. my big mistake, thanks for the correction
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    And the account says member "Since Saturday," so I would be comfortable hitting the ignore button early on this one if I were you.
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  13. My favorite thing about the video is the angle that WVU's #96 took on the punt return. But to the kid's credit he did pursue to the end zone. I think I would have faked a leg cramp or something.
  14. Not put out by the AD
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  15. Let the man say what he wants and you maybe take a dose of your own medicine. Triggered so easily.
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  16. Still one of my favorites...

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  17. Brewing
  18. so BrewingFrog has a fake profile account now?

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