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TCU Football Chains Officially a Thing

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCU_backer, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. We have ZERO creativity. ZERO.
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  2. This won’t be on the list of things I complain about
  3. This...is awkward.

    I’m not saying I want to pop bottles. To the contrary. I was proud that we hadn’t given in to that nonsense. This isn’t why your guys can’t stop anybody, GP. You’re getting out-schemed. Not out-funed.
  4. I think having some fun and let these kids be themselves is a good thing...But man GP looks awkward doing it. My only criticism is that if your going to do something why now be original...the chain is a rip off and feels about as creative as listening to a Walkman
  5. Maybe they were going to do something fun with the iron skillet and chains are a fall back....
  6. This is us now. Catching on to trends just as they're starting to go out of style. Who is running this ridiculous show?
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  7. Don't worry you won't see it much the way we are playing.
  8. Not against the idea but I wish we wouldnt have copied everyone else with a chain and did something original.
  9. Really liked the fact that we hadn’t bought in to this nonsense but now we have so, gag. Could’ve easily done saddlebags, or holsters, or something else more original.
  10. not good. could always be worse...
  11. Yep. It's embarrassing. This is part of why I hate all the junk with uniforms; it just feels like we're JV Oregon. Somehow since joining the Big XII and having a few very competitive seasons we seem to have lost our identity rather than found it. We're using this #EarnTheChip label, but right now our program feels nothing like it did when really did have that chip on our shoulder. We need to figure out who we are before it all falls apart and we wake up to find that we're actually Baylor circa 2004.
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  12. Yeah... that is bad. I am all for the team and players having fun, but it almost feels like he did this because he had to. No creativity at all. We pretty much just copied Miami, but did it poorly and two years late.

    However... if we start getting turnovers again, I will love the chain.
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  13. I like stickers on helmets. You dont see Clemson or Georgia or Bama do chains but you do see the top teams do stickers.

    Ohio State has the buckeye stickers, dog bones are appearing on Georgia's helmets, paw prints on Clemson's and tomahawks on those of Florida State, just to name a few.

    I like stickers. Here is Ohio State's criteria for a game sticker:

    You award them after a game for exemplary performance for great tackles, teamwork, long runs, flawless execution, takeaways, etc.
    TCU could have tiny little Horned frog stickers. Or purple dots or little Texas flags, or something. Its classy and players want to look like they are contributing and the baddest guy of the bunch.
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  14. I don't think it's a turnover chain. It think its a shout out to the individuals that brought it the best in practice that week. Could be wrong, but I highly doubt you see that on the sidelines.
  15. I hate stickers. Too many of them. Look like participation trophies for kids. I might be OK with them if they were much, much more limited. If your best player had 10 stickers, and not a helmet full, OK.
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  16. GP is not getting out-schemed. He knows plenty well what to do, but his players haven't caught on. Of course with would't be the FFF unless every year posters declare that the other coaches have "exposed" GP's defense, that we need to do what the other guys do.


    Have none of you been paying attention the last 19 years? His only defensive failing is that the players need to be too experienced to play it.

    Fix the offense and we will be fine. NOBODY is shutting down a good offense nowadays. You gotta do some scoring on your own.
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  17. They should hand out $20s for good deeds on the football field
  18. Sounds like your describing our offense
  19. Still the most Baylor thing to date. Absolutely loved this
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